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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: in a hospital
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was only seventeen at the time. I was in the hospital for
an infection that the doctor could not get rid of with simple
antiobotics. I had been there for about two days, when a very
pretty nurse, about 30 came into the room and told me that
I had to have a bath, because I hadnt had one since I got
there. I told her to bring me a towel and I would take a shower
but she said no that a nurses aid would be there in a few
minutes to give me a sponge bath. I told her if I had to have
a sponge bath I would rather an older nurse do it. I was embarrassed
and very shy. She said that she was very busy, but after she
gave out the medications, she would be back.
Sure enough about two hours later the same pretty older woman
came into my room with a towel, soap, a pan of warm water, and
a wash cloth. She was very gentle and washed by back, neck and chest
She started at me feet and began to wash up my legs, but when
she was washing my inner thighs I began to get a hard on.
I had never had a woman touch my thighs so high up. I had on
a hospital gown on with no underware, and she could see straight
up between my legs. When she saw what was happening she just
smiled and kept washing. When she got to my private parts she
offered me the wash cloth. I took the cloth and asked her to
turn her head, she told me that she had already seen everything
I had. I began to wash my dick and balls very nervously, knowing
that she was watching me. Then she began to laugh, “you will
never get through like that.” Give me the soap. and then she
began to soap up my balls, with her bare hand, I still had the
washcloth in my hand. When she began to wash my dick I really
got a raging hard on. She noticed it and told me to hold it
that she didnt want a bigger mess to clean up. Then she started
to rinse me off, that is when it really happened. She was actually
jacking me off with her bare hand. “Now you can make a mess if you
want to darling. I am through washing you,” and she began to
pump me even harder and faster smiling at me the whole time.
I was so embarrassed that my dick started to go soft.
“Whats wrong darling? Am I doing this wrong?” I was so stunned
that I couldnt say a word. So she said “lets see if this helps
with that she put her mouth over my dick and took it all the way in
her mouth and began to suck. It was real easy for her because I
had lost my erection from embarrassment. She had it all the
way down her throat when it began to come to life. She pulled
off of my dick and said “now that is better, lets get this thing
off so I can go back to work. And she unbuttoned her white
nurses uniform to the waist and pulled her bra down and began
to rub her beautiful tits on my dick. Damn she was pretty and
her tits were large and her nipples were hard. I began to moan
and she smiled at me “not too much longer now darling”.As she walked
up to the side of the bed and lifted her skirt, rolled me over
on my side and began to rub my dick against her pussy through
her panties. “you almost there? she asked, and I still was
speachless. So she pulled her panties aside at the legs, and
began to rub the head of my dick against her exposed pussy.
I didnt know what a clit was then, but now I know that she
was masterbating with the head of my cock, and she was getting
real real wet. She began to moan and she put one leg up on
the bed. and inserted my very hard throbing dick into her
pussy. I hunched my body toward the side of the bed and began
to pump my dick in and our of her. She then reached around me
grabbed my by the ass and pulled me forward to plunge all the
way into her. Just as she did my dick began to throb, and I knew
that a big load of cum was going to fill her up.
Just as I thrusted forward and began to cum inside of her she
let out a soft moan and began to hunch herself on my dick.
“I’m cumming” she wispered in my ear as she leaned forward.
And my load of cum let loose. I swear that I must have filled
her up with a quart of cum. Of course it wasn’t, but it sure
felt like it. She moved her lips to mine and plunged her tongue
into my mouth. French kissing me for a long time, all the while
she was spasming with her orgasm. I left my dick in her as
we kissed until it shrank and fell out. Then she politely cleaned
me up again readjusted her clothing and left.
This is a true story, and the ending of it is that this nurse
looked me up from the address in the hospital files, and we
carried on fucking for about five years off and on. She was
married to a doctor, and he was gone a lot. She taught me
everything I know about sex. I havent seen her in a long time
but I heard that she divorced her husband, and remarried a
younger man. Imagine that she liked younger men.

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