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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Sister's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I got my first piece by blackmail and trickery. My 10-year old sister had a friend over to spend the night and I was supposed to stay at the friend’s house with her 12 year old brother as we were best friends. I sneaked back home, though, and made it to my room without anyone knowing it. They had locked the door to the adjoining bathroom, but didn’t know that I had found a way to open it. They had left the door to Sis’s room ajar, thinking I was away and the other door locked. When I peeked in, they were talking about boyfriends and how much they had allowed the boys to do. My sister had not allowed more than a few feels on her little titties, but Tamara said she had let a boy feel her pussy and had played with his dick. I knew she had done a lot more because her brother had already fucked her. They took off their shorties to compare titties. Even though they were both only 10, each had the beginnings of nice tits. They felt each others titties and laughed a lot. They then started talking about their pussies and how each of them had begun to grow a little fuzz. Both of them boasted that they had the most hair, ending up with them taking off their panties and examining each other’s hair growth. Tamara had the most. One thing led to another and Tamara started to play with her little clit. Sis hadn’t found hers yet, so Tamara showed her where it was. Tamara then tried to put her finger into Sis’s pussy but couldn’t because it was too tight. Tamara showed her how she could put her finger all the way into hers. Sis tried it, but quit because it hurt. Tamara got some body lotion and managed to get the end of her finger into Sis before Sis made her stop. They played with each other for a long time before Mom called to them to turn out the light and get to bed. I went back into my room, locking the bathroom door behind me. The next morning Mom took Tamara home as she went to work. She didn’t check my room as she thought I was sleeping over at Tamara’s brother’s house. After Mom left, I went into Sis’s room. She was up, but still had on her thin shortie nightgown. She fussed at me and put on her robe as she had gotten very private after she started to develop. She still didn’t know that I had seen her several times without any clothes, using the bathroom door trick. I told her she wouldn’t be so prissy if she knew what I knew and then told her that I knew that she and Tamara had played with each others titties and pussy last night. She began screaming and crying and used language that I didn’t know she knew. I told her that I would keep her secret if she would let me see her pussy up close. She finally agreed to if I would let her see my dick. She just wanted to pull her panties off, but I insisted on the top, also. Her pussy looked even better up close as I could see every hair. Her mound was very fat and the lips were separated. It looked a little swollen from the amount of playing that they had done the night before. She let me feel the outside, but told me not to try to put my finger inside. She wanted to know why Tamara’s pussy was so open and hers so tight. I broke down and told her that Tamara had been fucked by her brother the week before and that I wanted to try it with her. She wasn’t sure that was a good idea, but finally gave in. When I tried to put my dick in I had the same problem as Tamara with her finger – it was just too tight. I remember that Tamara had used the body lotion and put a big glob on Sis’s pussy and had her grease up my dick. This time I wasn’t going to be stopped no matter how tight it was. I got my dick lined up and began to push. The head went in fairly easily, but she began to moan when I tried to get all the way in. I stopped and just rubbed my dick over her pussy until she stopped complaining. The next time I put the head in I gave a big hunch and felt something tear but kept going. I made it all the way to the bottom and immediately shot my load. Sis was a real mess with blood and come all over her pussy and leaking onto the bed. I helped her into the bathroom and we both got into the tub. By the time we had cleaned each other up we were hot to try it again. She wasn’t so hard to get into the second time, but complained of pain. The third time was easier and the fourth even more so. We took a break and put the bedding into the washer and had lunch. That afternoon we explored oral sex and Sis quickly became proficient at blowjobs. She really liked it when I ate her pussy, although she had to threaten to stop having sex with me if I didn’t lick her. We got our friends involved with us and continued our sex whenever the folks weren’t around. Tamara was good, but I liked Sis even better. We are both married now, but that doesn’t stop us from having a little family fun now and then. Sis thinks her baby daughter might be the result of one of our times!

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