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Johnny big dick

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at neighbors house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

My first time playing with a girl happened when I was 15. I’d been getting boners since I was 13 and found a fun way to enjoy them. I started wacking off in my early 13th year and found many ways of doing it to enjoy sexual pleasure. I used to masturbate at least twice a day.

One Saturday morning I went over to my friend Billy’s house. He lived on the street behind mine and we spent much time doing boy things together. When I knocked on the door, Billy’s little sister Amy answered. Billy’s not home, she told me, he’s gone to town with Daddy nad they won’t be home until late this afternoon. Mom’s gone shopping for clothes and won’t be home for hours, she added. I’m lonesome, would you like to come in and visit me, she coyly asked? Okay, I replied, and she let me in the door. Need I say that Amy was very prettdy and well developed for a 12 year old.

After exchanging small talk about school and the weather, Amy startled me by asking if I ever played with girls. What do you mean, I asked? Well, she slowly said, you know, getting naked and stuff. Not ever, I replied. She then asked if I had ever seen a girl undressed. I said, only once when sis and were real little. Oh, that doesn’t count, she said. Would you like to see me undress and show you what I have, she murmured? Can I? I asked with anticipation. Sure, Amy replied, come back to my room. I followed her down the hall to her bedroom and we went in. Close the door behind you, I don’t want anybody to catch us, she told me.

Then she started to disrobe. When she removed her t-shirt and bra, her cute little titties came in view. Do you like them, she asked? They’re really pretty, can I touch them, was my reply. Go ahead, she answered, but don’t sqeeze too hard. They were small but firm and had little pink nipples.
As I fondled them, she said, that feels nice, and the nipples got harder. Would you like to kiss them, she asked?
Sure, I replied. I’ve never done that before, I answered, except when I was a baby and mom nursed me. Don’t bite, Amy replied, because it would hurt. I won’t, I promised, and leaned over to kiss and suck her nipples. That feels good, she murmured, Do you like how they taste, Amy teased? Yeah, I said, they’re really pretty and warm. Amy then removed her skirt and panties, and stood naked before me. She was the vision of lovlliness to my eyes.
By this time, I had a huge buldge in my pants, with a boner that wouldn’t quit. I see you have something in your pants, would you like to undress and show it to me? Amy said in a coy voice? Okay, I stammered, here goes. Off flew my shirt and pants in record time. Wow! she murmured, you have a real stiff penis. I get that way when I’m excited, I replied. Do you ever play with it, she asked? At least twice a day, wass my reply. I then asked her if she ever played with herself. She sheepishly replied, yes I do and it feelsw good. How do you play with yourself, Amy asked? Oh, I just rub it back and forth until it spurts gooey stuff out the end, I said, and it feels real good. How do you play with yourself, I asked? Amy replied, I just rub my fingers all around my peehole and it feels really nice. She showed me how she did it as I demonstrated my jacking off to her. My hardon was getting real big now and the head was turning red.
Then, Amy asked, can I rubb it for you? Okay, I stuttered, go ahead. She grabbed the shaft and started stroking my cock with her hands. You are big and rubbing you makes my pussy squirm, she said. Would you like to rub it for me, she asked? Wow! I replied, that would be fun. We stood in front of each other for awhile, stroking each others genitals and my kissing her tits.
Suddenly, Amy asked, can I suck on your penis? Sure, I said, that might be nice. She kneeled down in front of me and lifted my raging hardon to her lips. Her tongue darted out and licked up the droplets of ooze dripping out my peehole. Oh! she cood, you taste good. Then she asked if I would like to tase her? Yeah! that might be fun, I replied.
Amy lie back on her bed, spread her legs and beckoned me to put my face between her legs for a lick. I moved my tongue all around the opening and between her pussy lips. You takes nice, I said, and she replied, your tongue feels good on my pussy. Turn around, she said, and we can taste each other at the same time. I got on the bed beside her facing the opposite diredtion. Amy grabbed my hard pecker, placed it between her lips and began sucking and licking the swollen head furiously. I continued licking her sweet pussy for all I was worth. Suddenly, the feeling in my balls got really intense, I shuddered, and shot a huge glob of my creamy stuff into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed it all down her throat and continued licking the remaider of it off my knob. Then it happened, Amy raised her hips, pushed her pussy against my mouth, shuddered and started trembling and crying, that feels beautiful Johnny, I love you.
We moved up on the bed and cuddled in each others arms for a long while savoring the pleasure we had shared.
Any and I got together for such fun as often as we could over the next few years. When she was fourteen and I was seventeen,I finally took her cherry and we learned how good fucking could feel. We were careful,and I always used a rubber, so as not to get her pregnant. To this day, I remember my sexual awakening and the joy we felt in each other’s bodies. Thanks for the memory, Amy!

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