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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My friend and I had heard kids at school talking about sex, you know wanking, blow jobs, etc. We talked about it on the way home from school that day, and he said do you want to see some magazines I have at the house. Well, his mom was out. So, both me and my friend go to his room. He took out a copy of a real hard core magazine of people doing all sorts of stuff Ihad never seen. He said he got it from his big brother,and we made jokes and laughed about the bizarre stuff guys and gals were doing. What really surprised me was the things guys were doing to guys. He then shocked the heck out of me and said look at this, and when I turned around he was stark naked. He had a hard on, maybe about four inches long, but a real stiffy, angled upward, with no hair. I could not stop staring at it. He just laughed and said, take your clothes off, it feels good to be free.

I was really scared, but I was so excited, as I had never seen another boy naked. So I took my clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed. My friend Jimmy said, I bet mine is bigger, and we got into an argument. So he said, lets put them next to each other and see. That didn’t work, so we stood face to face and held our dicks together. He held both my dick and his against each other. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. I could feel the warmth of his dick and hand, and I just stood there not knowing what to say or do. He then asked me if I ever wanked. I said no, and I had not. He told me he did once or twice, and I called him a liar, because he told me before he never had. Then he started to wank me, and I slapped his hand away. “Come on” he said. It will feel good, and I just moved away and sat on the bed. He asked me if I had had ever come before, and I told him no. He said he had tried to a few months ago, but was unable to squirt, but that it was a tremendous incredible feeling. He told me I should try it, and then pushed me flat down on the bed and got on top of me. He started wrestling me, and we both giggled and laughed. I really liked Jimmy, he was cute, skinny, and just fun to be with. When he started to tickle me I tried to wrestle him off of me, but when he grabbed my penis and started fondling it, I about went out of my mind. He could tell, and then he stopped. He was laying on top of me now, and I could feel his warm stomach against my penis, and his penis against my warm stomach. Don’t move I told him, it feels so good. We just laid there for about two minutes, and every now and then he would make just a slight humping move. When he did that it just made me incredibly sensitive down there. Anyhows, he said, lets play a game. Let’s close our eyes, open the magazine, and what ever they are doing we do. I said no way, and he just laughed. Come on, don’t be chicken, and he kept arguing with me, and as he argued with him laying on top of me stomach to stomach, his movements just made me hornier than ever. Then something strange happened, I felt this small wet slippery spot on my stomach, and I was certain Jimmy had pee’d on me. I shoved him off and looked, and he thought I had pee’d on him. Both of us were looking at our stomachs trying to figure out who pissed on who, when I noticed that it was actually me. I did not know it then, but it was precum. I touched my penis with my finger and I could see a slight sticky material stretched between my finger and my dick. Jimmy knew right off what it was, and told me so, that it was precum, and how he had noticed the same thing once in his underpants when he woke up one night. He then started arguing about us looking at the magazine, but I wouldn’t do it for any thing in the world. So, Jimmy said, okay, let’s just try wanking. He showed me by wanking on himself, then reached over and started wanking on me. I just about felt like passing out, it was so incredible, that I could not even tell him to stop, and with my precum it was really slippery, a wonderful feeling. I just laid there, until he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and said, wank me too. So there we were, two twelve year olds wanking each other.

My slippery dick against his dry dick, but it must have really turned Jimmy on, because after about a minute, I noticed his dick was slippery too, as he was leaking precum. I could feel the warmth and smoothness of his body next to mind, and that too was intense. Then he started arguing about us looking at the magazine, and that perhaps it would feel even better. I guess I was losing my mind, so I agreed. The first picture we had was two guys doing butt sex, and both of us said “No way!” Although, little did we know that in a month or two we would try that. Anyhow, we both agreed, no matter what, the next picture we would try. We closed our eyes, turned several pages, and opened the magazine. There were two men giving a blow job to each other. I said no, and Jimmy agreed, but a minute later he started saying, let’s try it anyway, if it does not feel good, we quit. So, he turned around, and we were head to dick, sixty nine style. He put his mouth on my dick, and just laid there, not moving, not sucking, not using his tongue. We both were pretty dumb. BUT, the sheer warmth and wetness made me shudder and jump. Then I put my mouth on his penis. It was somewhat of a salty taste, I guess from all the precum greased up and down as I wanked him earlier. I mean, he was clean, not dirty, so I guess that was what it was. Heck, I know now that is what it was. It actually turned me on, and I shuddered. So, here we were two kids, with our mouths on each other’s dicks, not doing anything but lay there. But, the incredible warmth, closeness was a turn on, and when I shuddered, I moved forward, and boy was it incredible, so I kept moving forward and back a little, and it felt even better. I think Jimmy got the same idea, and both of us were doing these ever so slight humping movements. Yeah, we were humping each other in the mouth. Jimmy leaked a little more precum, and the extra juice in my mouth made me use my tongue to taste it, and as I did so, Jimmy started to moan, so I used my tongue again, and he moaned even more. This turned me on, and Jimmy must have got the same idea, and started using his tongue. Now the two of us were moaning, and I don’t think it was more than a minute into our new found oral sex either. So here we are humping each other in the mouth, when I decided what the heck, I wanted to see what another boy’s balls felt like. I reach over and softly touched Jimmy’s balls, and then wrapped my hand around the tiny two ball cluster. They were firm in their sack, not hanging, and hairless, but boy were they so ever warm and soft. He squirmed with me just softly holding them, and moaned even more. So, I rubbed and caressed them, and he moaned more, and louder. I was afraid if his Mom came home she would hear him, so I told him to shut up, but he could not help moaning. He then surprised the heck out of me, and did the same to me. I think I was about to make my first cum or sperm deposit, because it was an intense feeling. I could feel my body tightening up, and so was Jimmy. He moved forward as deep as he could thrust his little body and penis into my mouth. Then he rolled on top of me. Now I am getting his penis as deep throated in me as possible, and he is going down on my penis like a madman. Neither of us had cum before. Well, I take that back, Jimmy later told me that he had had a wet dream, and that was how he found out about the precum I mentioned earlier in this writing. So, Jimmy was able to ejaculate, but I never had.

Little did I know that I was about to, and it was close. I would say we had been doing this about two minutes, when I just could no longer stand it. However, Jimmy was on top of me, and his entire warm, smooth body was pushing down, his four inches in my mouth, his balls on my lips, as he was about to come. Well, let me just shorten this up, it is too long of a writing. I came first, and I felt this weird surging through my penis, it felt as if something was racing in my penis and outward, I had six pulses of this, which were actually squirts, and as I squirted I was in this incredible heaven, out of my mind, my body shuddering, me trying to moan, as Jimmy was bearing down hard on me. He came maybe five seconds after I did. So here I am squirting in his mouth, not knowing that I was, other than I did notice his mouth seemed rather full and swishy, and all of a sudden I get this gusher in my mouth, his warm stomach pressing into my face, and his balls resting against my lips, as he jolts forward with each squirt from his penis. I think he squirted three times, but each time was a gusher from hell. I think so, because neither of us had come before, (Well actually Jimmy did as I mentioned earlier, but it was a wet dream and he knew little about it). I think both of us had built up a reservoir of sperm that needed to be desperately emptied, and boy did both of us do that. I felt so weak, but I had enough strength to push Jimmy off of me and away. He turned around, and now both of us were face to face. We both were so embarassed and ashamed that we could not look eye to eye. I glanced and I could see some remnants of my coming in him and on him around his mouth, and I could feel likewise on my face. I grabbed his pillow and used the pillow case to wipe my face. He just used his hand. Then I told him, boy was that stupid of us. He did not say anything. I then told him that if he tells anyone I would beat the crap out of him. I also told him he was a jerk for making me do this stupid gross thing. He just said sorry, and asked if it felt good? I said yeah, but not between two guys. He was quiet again. Anyhow, we both got dressed and I went straight home. It was a Friday and we did not have school until Tuesday next week, (holiday on Monday). When I saw him days later, neither of us spoke to each other. After school, he caught up with me and apologized. So, I walked home with him. We did not discuss what we did anymore. When we got to his house he asked if he could come over and shoot some basketball with me. I think he was testing to see if whether I would still be his friend. I told him, “sure”. So he went and dropped his books off and came back outside. We walked the three blocks to my house and he came in. Mom had left a snack and I shared it with Jimmy, then went upstairs to change into my play clothes. Jimmy was waiting downstairs. Then he came upstairs and said he wanted to talk. He apologized again and again for what happened, but as he apologized the thoughts of what he did raced in my mind and I got hard again. There he was apologizing and I am getting a hard on. I stopped Jimmy’s chattering and said, “Look, it was fun, I was just embarassed. You don’t have to apologize.” Jimmy asked, “Really? Fun?” I told him yeah, that maybe another time we could try it again. He was speechless. Further he had not noticed my hard on pushing my shorts outward. He just stood there not knowing what to say. I asked him if he was willing to try it again, and he just smiled and said “sure”.

As we were just getting ready to go out and shoot some basketballs, I did not have a shirt on, but was getting ready to put one on. So, with Jimmy shocked by my surprising statement that it was fun, I dropped my drawers, and my hard on jumped out, pointing skyward. I was now naked except for a pair of socks on. The only basketballs to hit a hole that day, were my two balls against his lips as I rammed my penis down his throat that day and he likewise to me. It was a good year, and he and I tried a lot of stuff together until we were about fifteen. We had three active years of fooling around, and then we met girls. So, by the time we graduated we both were into girls pretty much, but I would say about two or three times a month we would still get together and fool around a bit. Those sessions were just as much fun or sometimes even better than screwing my girlfriends later at age fifteen. Right before we turned fifteen, we had it where we would fool around for about two hours before we would cum, and knew exactly where to touch, stroke, how long, etc. to drive each other to the maximum sensitivity you could ask for out of an orgasm. You know, that is pretty phenomenal for a fourteen year old, and I don’t think I would have ever learned that unless I had been fooling around at thirteen or fourteen. I think because a guy knows exactly what to give sex wise to another guy to make it the best sex ever. He is still my best friend, and was my best man at my wedding, and I am about to be his best man at his wedding next Fall. I did want to say one more thing. People get a lot of hang ups about sex, and what I learned from my best friend, is that there is nothing unnatural or shameful about sex—people just make it that way to control you. You should not get a psychological neurosis over sex, it is a wonderful, enjoyable, and healthy outlet that people have made to sound terrible.

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