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Just Fuck Me!

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was at my friends party and this boy I really liked asked me to dance, of course I said yes, he held me close and I got turned on as he breathed his hot breath on my neck, I told him that I had always wanted him, he told me he felt the same, I wondered why he hadn’t told me before, but then I hadn’t told him either. He told me what he’d like to do to me, that turned me on like hell, he told me he wanted to eat me and fuck me till I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him I wanted to suck him off and ride him, I could tell he liked that idea, I felt his hard cock against me, I slid my hand between us and brushed my hand across him, he licked my neck and whispered that I shouldn’t have done that, I laughed and we kissed passionatly, then he pulled me closer, his cock pressed up against my pussy through our clothes, it drove me mad as he held me closer and kissed my neck, I told him to come to the bathroom with me, he followed me in, and I leant against the wall and hitched my short dress up, I slipped my panties off, he watched, I held my hand out and pulled him closer, he bolted the door behind him, I started to unbutton his jeans as he stood watching, I told him I wanted him, he pulled his jeans and under pants down and let his stiff cock free, he pushed me up against the wall, lifted my skirt and ran his hands from my knees up the inside of my thighs to seperate them, I could feel I was wet already, he rubbed his cock against my pussy, I moaned and he kissed my neck, suddenly he rammed it into me, it was too fast and hard to feel any pain, it felt so good, I started to pant, he pounded it deep inside me, I wanted to scream, I wrapped my legs around him and he shuffled me to the wash basins, he sat me on the ledge, still inside me, he lifted my ass up as I leaned against the wall and held myself steady with my hands behind me, he withdrew and then suddenly started pounding so deep I had to scream, I have never felt anything so intense and hot, he came inside me after I had about six orgasms, I just sat on the sink out of breath, he went limp, but we wanted more, I got down on my knees and sucked him till he was rock hard again, he turned me around and lifted my dress just over my ass, then I leaned over the sink and bent over, I parted my legs and told him to fuck the shit out of me, and he oh boy did he, he held each of his hands round each of my thighs and fucked me and fucked me, at first I was moaning, then he pounded so hard and deep that his balls slapped against me, he had his whole stiff cock rammed inside me, he pounded in and out, in and out, I never wanted it to stop, he was going so hard and so fast that I saw the sweat breaking out on his forhead in the mirror, he came again deep inside me, we still weren’t done, I pushed him to the ground and pulled his shirt up and pants down further and made room for me, I lifted my dress and sat right on his limp dick, I grinded on it for a bit, he soon shot up again, I lifted off and he looked at me as if to say “Is that it?” and boy was he wrong, I slammed myself back down on him and rode him like hell, he tried to hold it in, I started bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, he couldn’t take it any longer and exploded, he was exhausted but I wasn’t giving in, I wanted some more, this was the greatest feeling I had ever had, I never ever wanted to stop, he was limp, he got up and started to pull his pants up, I told him I wanted him to fuck me until I was sore, he said he was tired after all it was his first time and he’d already cum three times, he said he had nothing more to shoot out, I said “Oh yeah” and put my hand in his pants and started rubbing his cock head, he got aroused again and ripped his jeans down and rammed me face forward against the wall, he slammed his throbbing erection into my tight, wet pussy, he wasn’t having me not satisfied, he pulled my ass away from the wall a bit but pressed the rest of me against the cold wall, he began rubbing my clit with his fingers, then he held my thighs and fucked my brains out, his thick rock hard cock went in as far as it could, he rammed everything but his balls inside me, I screamed with a pleasurable pain, he didn’t give in, he fucked me, and fucked me, I thought he’d have to explode some time, but he didn’t seem to be, he I had orgasm after orgasm, until he finnally exploded deep deep inside me, I was so exahausted and fucked I could hardly walk, he told me he wasn’t having me not enjoying it, I went straight home and collapsed in a heap. We are now going out and we fuck for hours on end, and it never gets any less fun.

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