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Just the Girls–Truth or Dare

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Where it happened: birthday party
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Category: Straight

The night started out so innocently. We had the little party stuff for Angela to please her parents. Later after Mom and Pops went to bed we were sitting around in a group playing truth or dare. We were daring stupid stuff but decided that we would get more adventurous. We moved up to Angela’s huge attic bedroom, all 6 of us. Samantha, a tall red head with big green eyes, dared Rachel,a small brunette to pick a girl and kiss her. She picked me. I had noticed that she had been staring at me all night and we were all pretty buzzed off hte wine coolers Angela’s boyfriend had snuck to us. So Rachel comes over and looks me in the eyes. Normally I wouldn’t have agreed to it but we were playing the game. She lightly kissed my lips which made Samantha object saying it wasn’t a kiss. So to make it easier for Rachel I put my hand on th back of her head and pulled her in for a long REAL kiss. I licked her lips and gently parted them with my toungue. When we were through she just sat there breathing hard wanting more. Eventually she went back to her seat, and the game continued. It was my turn to Truth or Dare someone. So I looked right at Alica(just use your imaginations)and asker her, “Truth or Dare?” She grinned at me and said, “Dare”. I hadnt expected her to say dare. I had to think of something really good. So I said to her, “I dare you to strip naked and play the rest of the time nude.” She stripped without a word and stayed that way. Susan was up next. She dared Angela to suck on Alicia’s nipples. Needless to say this is when th game stopped. Alicia was going crazy, within a few minutes we were all naked and looking for something to do. Terry got up and went to the CD player to put on something to cover up the noise. Rachel came over to me and asked if she could finish what we had started. I said yes. She kissed me this time passionately and her hand was on my stomach rubbing in small circles. She moved her mouth to my neck and finally to my nipples. She first started on the left one. She licked the letters of her name on it very slowly. I now had my hand on her buttocks and was stroking her and all but picking her up. She slid down to position herself between my legs. Within s her toungue was slowly running up and down my clitoris and I yelled sort of quietly. The other girls heard and stopped what they were doing and came over to join us. Susan put her mouth over mine and Terry and Angela each found a nipple while Rachel kept right on licking and sucking my pussy. Each of my hands found a pussy and I started to finger tow of the girls I was too preoccupied to figure out who. Nor did I care. All of the sudden Angela told us to all stop She wanted to make this a little more intersting. She told me, herself, and Terry to stand up. While Rachel, Susan, and Deniece toungue fucked us. I could not believe how kinky Angela was and the strange part of it all was she disappeared. When she cam back about 15 minues later and had given us all a little time to calm down she suggested another “party game”. But that is another story. Bye

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