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Where it happened: sisters room
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Category: Straight

I was in 10th grade and had a boyfriend of 6 months. He had been begging to pound me for a long time. There was not a guy in school who wouldn’t. I was a cheerleader and had a killer body. Guys would just follow me around school just to look at my butt. My chest wasn’t bad, I was a good b-cup then. My sister was almost as hot, but not quite as hot. She een and had a boyfriend who was horny all of the time. I was in the house the day she lost it. It scared the hell out of me. She screamed like someone being murdered. I saw her sheets afterward and the blood would not come out. She said he was ruthless. She cried and cried. His name was Beau and he had a reputation of poking girls in the ass. My sister said he would not take her virginity unless he got to take her anal virginity too. Anyway after hearing my sisters story I was scared like hell. But I didn’t want to lose it to my boyfriend because he was a virgin too. I had one friend who lost it to another virgin and it 0 s,done.
One day I came home from school and I noticed my sisters boyfriend staring at me alot. More than normal. That day I had some really tight jeans on and guys were like dogs following me around. He and my sister went into her room, I assumed so they were going to do it. I wanted to listen so I went over to the door. I heard him saying please, oh please its my birthday. Then she said okay. Then she called my name, Katy. So I walked in the room and noticed he was looking at me like a piece of meat. She said, “close the door.” When I did they started kissing and she told me to sit down on the chair, so I did. My sister pulls me over and he starts kissing me too and feeling on me. At this point I was kink of scared at this point, shaking alittle. My sister backed away and said don’t worry I will be right here. I didn’t know what was going on.
Her boyfriend Beau and I started making out. He was feeling all over me and made me feel him. My sister said,”katy, just relax.” Beau started to take my shrit off and feeling me up. I must admit I enjoyed it quite a bit. He started to undo my pants and I said,”no, what do you think you are doing.” My sister said in a stern voice,”katy just relax I am right here.” So he pulled my pants and pantys down and laid me on the bed and sucked my clit. I screamed in pleasure and bucked around alot. Then he got on top of me and put it in me. I yelleped quite loud. He kissed me and shoved it in further and I my hole body clinced in pain. He stroked it in and out for a few minutes until I was okay and started to enjoy it. My sister had her hand in her pants playing with herself. Then he put my legs on his shoulders and told me to take a deep breath I was about to become a women. I took a deep breath and he plowed it in me like there was no tomorrow. I screamed like a stuck pig and begged my sister to help me. He just kept on plowing about ruthlessly. My sister held my hand and wiped away my tears.
He stoped and turned me around and did me doggy sytle and kept on raving about my ass. He asked my sister for the jelly and she handed it to him. He put some on his fingers and put his finger in my ass. After about a minute he pulled out and put it in my ass. I yelped again and just took it a groaned. He did this for at least ten minutes and he put me on my stomach and laid into me while it just bit the pillow and took it. I know there was nothing I could do. He filled me with cum and got off and started doing my sister. Then we all got dressed and pretended nothing happened.
My sister doesn’t know this but we did it at least once a week after that for about s. I finally let my boyfriend do me twice. But that was it. Once normally and once in the ass. I have grown to like it since that day.

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