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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: School Hostel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My parents sent me to school in Punjab when I was in 5th class. At that
time I was 11 years old. I used to live in an hostil. As that school was
big, there were school, college and university together and there was one
big hostil so students of school, college and university together. I used
to live in a room with a girl name AYESHA. She was in the second year of
university. She was elder them me as she was 20 years old, so I used to
call her baji. She used to help me in my homework and also used to teach
me a lot. One day, I was taking bath ( I was naked) and I saw there was no
soap (in the morning, I kept there a new soap). I shouted baji! Give me a
soap again and again. Untill she heard and fetch a soap to me. She opened
the door and saw me naked. As I was too young, I didn’t cared but she
stayed there and asked me if I want to play a game. Hearing of game I took
the bath huridly and came out, she took the towel from me and said “I am
going to dry you”. I gave her towel and she dried me. But as I was taking
clothes to wear, she said “don’t wear the clothes. Don’t you want to play
game?” I said but which is the game played without wearing clothes. She
said the name is “Sex”. As I was too younge and I was unawre of this
world. I said ok. She took her clohes off and became naked. She was very
beautiful. She took me to bed and hrew me there. Then she pointed to my
dick and asked “do you know what is this?”. I said “it is a pea tube.” She
smiled and said “in this game, it is called as dick.” And then she pointed
to my balls and told me that these are balls. She told me about breasts,
nipples, tits, pussy, ass hole. But she didn’t told me what the sex is in
real. Then she kissed me on my lips very deep so that my lips were
tottally under the control of her lips she opened my mouth and inserted
her tongue in. For 10 minutes she kept on going this and then she asked me
to suck her boobs. I didn’t knew how to suck?. So she inserted her boobs
her self in my mouth and asked me to bite her boobs harder untill she
herself don’t say me to stop. I followed her command and I bited her too
hard, she screamed and shouted a little. I was afraid so I left her but
she said “not to stop and keep on biting. Don’t go to my scream”. I again
bited her too much hard. Her boobs became red. For 15 minutes I kept on
biting her and then she asked my to stop. My dick at that time was
standing bt not fully. She asked me if I want to see a magic. I asked her
what magic. She replied “I can make your dick stand by putting it in my
mouth”. I said show me how. She took my dick in her mouth and began to
suck it, it began to hardened but still when it was not fully hardened, I
did pea in her mouth. I was ashamed and said her sorry. When she drank all
of my pea she said “no problem.
If you have some more pea give me.” I was surprised. Then she opened her
legs and asked me to kiss her pussy. I went down to her pussy and as I
moved close to pussy, I felt smell. I came back to her face and said her “
there is a lotof smell, I can’t kiss”. She forced me and I kissed there.
Then she asked me to lick her there and insert my finger in it. I did so.
Her pussy was too soft. When I inserted y finger in, she moaned. This
time, I didn’t cared because firstly she had slaped me gently on leaving
in between. As I finished fingering her, she asked me to insert my dick in
her pussy, she opened her legs and I inserted my dick in her pussy, she
was screaming and moaning. As I my dick went fully inside. She came on my
top and began to ride herslef. It was hurting me, I told her to stop but
she didn’t. I started crying. She kept her hand on my mouth and kept on
riding, I felt some liquid sort on my dick.
She then stopped and said to me “stop crying, I will give you chocolate
and icecream”. I stoped. She then took my finger in her ass and also my
dick. In end she did pea all over my body. After finishing this. She said
the game is over. Did you enjoyes it?. I said yes but it hurted me also.
She said next time it will not. We took bath together and then, we slept
together in one bed, as we used to sleep sometimes but this time, we both
were naked. I was too much tired so I woke up in morning, I saw she was
cleaning my room. When she saw that, I am awake she smiled, kisssed me and
said good morning”. We had sex many times in two years, untill she left.
When I was in7th class. I was even at that time, unaware of sex. Days
passed and when I eneterd in college, I came to knew what is sex. So I was
ashamed what I did with a girl whom I used to college. Any how, when I was
in college (second year). I left that hosil, because there happened some
evidents like there were found dome snakes and onw or two childs were also
killes. So parents asked me to leave the college and find some single room
on rent. I was mature at that time, so I saw in newspaper and to my luck,
I found an add of a single room on rent near my collge. So I went and took
that room.
The house was of a widow, she was 30 yeard old.
At that time, I was 17. I was a bit horny type person but I didn’t dated a
girl. I used to sleep naked. One night, I was sleeping naked, it was hot
so I didn’t covered my body. Sudddenly, aunty came in. (I used to call
that woman aunty). She saw me naked I hurriedly put blanket on me to cover
my nudity. I was afraid the she may not through me out of her house. But
to my surprise, she came to me and said “have you ever had a sex? Do you
want sex with me?” saying this she removed her qamees. I told her the
whole story of Ayesha, while I saw her removing her qamees, I threw my
blanket and kissed her belly. I took her to bed, removed her shalwar. Now
I was naked and she was only wearing bra and painties. She was looking
wonderful, I pressed her boobs through bra and kissed her lips. This time
I was feeling good because I knew what is sex and how to do. I unhooked
her bra and removed her painties. Her boobs were big and her pussy had
light black hairs. I kissed her lips, and also on her neck, while she was
hugging me. Then I sucked her boobs and bite her tits.
I inserted my dick in her mouth and she really sucked it harder, I was
moaning by her sucking. She bite my cock gently and then she grabed my
dick and rubed her teeths onmy cock harder. This made my scream loudly.
Then she took my balls in her hand and squeeze them harder. I was
shouting. She then asked me to fuck her. I inserted my dick in her pussy,
she was moaning and was tightening her pussy. I wasn moving in and out and
she was moaning, after two or three minutes, I cummed in her pussy and
then I took my dick out and inserted in her mouth, ahe cleaned my dick
with her tongue and asked me to insert it in her ass, so I did and fucked
her ass. After fucking her ass, we both were tired and slept naked on the
same bed. Next morning, I woke first and now I had to woke her, so I
inserted my dick in her ass, she moaned and stood. We had sex various

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