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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: a friends apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We were on christmas break from school when i met his guy dustin at a party. he was so nice and we got along great. he wanted my best friend and i had a boyfriend. Him and my best friend got together a few times, but when she went back to school (4 hours away)she totally blew him off and wouldn’t even tell him when she was coming home or anything. dustin – of course naturally turned to me to tell him why and blah blah blah – anyways – me and him got pretty close, and he asked me out a few times, but i was still with my boyfriend, Jason. Jason was also away at school and i hardly ever saw him b/c he always had baseball and never had time for me. So i spent my time with dustin.
One weekend, one of my friends, sarah, came home from north carolina for a visit. We went over to dustins apartment one night so i could introduce them. sarah and dustin got along alright. so the 3 of us were just sitting around watching movies, talking, and drinking coronas. after about 2 hours, we were all trashed and we started playing truth or dare – out of sheer boredom. sarah dared me to run around the apartment complex naked. I – being drunk as shit – accepted and immediately stripped and walked outside. i ran around and walked back in the house – not bothering to put my clothes back on. so then i dare sarah to do a strip tease for dustin(he totally blushed – so cute:)) so she did and me and sarah are sitting ther naked and dustin’s fully clothed. so we took care of that and took all of his clothes off. dustin grabbed me and we started kissing – it was like all of this pent up physical attraction was finally coming out. sarah got up and sat in a chair and watched me and dustin on the floor. dustin was rubbing and massaging my soaking pussy while he sucked and nibbled – actually bit – my nipples. i looked up at sarah and saw her fingers were deep in her pussy as se watched us. i smiled and turned all of my attention bak to dustin. he started kissing me again and i put my hand on his dick and started to rub it and pull on it gently. then i went down on him and gave him what he calls the best blowjob of his life. i flicked my tongue across his tip and licked the pre cum off of him. i ran my tongue all along the underside of his dick slowly before taking the whole thing in my mouth. i sucked and licked for awhile when he said he was gonna cum. i asked where he wanted to do it and he said on my tits. so he came all over my tits and stomach – it started to drip down to my pussy. so i was about to wipe it off me cuz, um…. ew? when he’s like no – i want sarah to lick it off. sarah jumped up (a little to quickly – it kinda scared me) and was on the floor with us in under a second. she looked at me and asked if it was ok – i hesitated – i’d never done anything like this before – but i agreed. sarah slowly began to lick dustins cum off my tits – spending a lot of time around my nipples. i looked over at dustin watching us and saw he was getting hard again. sarah continued to work her way down to my stomach. i pulled dustin over by me and put my tongue in his mouth. then i jumped about a foot in the air as i felt sarah put her tongue on my clit. dustina dn sarah both stopped and looked at me to see if i was ok. oh my god, was i!!!!!!! they both continued and i felt sarah slip her tongue inside of me and i took a deep quivering breath. i was about to cum and dustin said he wanted me to cum while he was inside me, so him and sarah switched spots and i felt dustin slip his dick inside my totally ready and waiting pussy. it felt soooooo good, like i was filled up. he started pumping in and out and i was moaning. all of a sudden, sarah was straddling my face and i slipped my tongue out and touched the only pussy i ever will besides my own. i tried my best to suck her and lick her while dustin was totally fucking the hell out of me. i was in total heaven. then i pushed sarah off me and looked dustin directly in the eyes while i had the strongest orgasm i’ve ever had – my pussy clenching on dustins penis made him cum and he shot a hot spray of his cum inside of me – that is like nothing else in the world – that feeling of his hot juices pumping in to you – uuuuuuuh – sooo good. anyways, at the same time that dustin is cuming i hear sarah moaning iand i look over and she has her fingers in herself again – so i didn’t have to finish that for her. around that time, dustins roommate, sean, came in and saw me and dustinlaying together on the floor kissing and sarah off to the side, legs spread wide open with one hand in her pussy, the other on her tits. he’s like – shit, u guys – i am never leaving again, all the good stuff happens when im gone!!! so i got up and helped sarah up. i walked over to sean and kissed him hard and deep. i slid my hands down and started to unbutton his pants. sarah handed him a beer and we sat him down on the couch and i kissed him while sarah gave him a blow job. i felt seans hands rubbing on my ass and thighs and i opened my legs a little further so he could get his fingers in me. while sean was fingering me, i felt a finger trying to get in my asshole. i turn and see dustin. he has his finger lubed with god knows what and he’s pushing it in me. i try to relax and soon he’s up on the couch with us pushing his dick into my ass. that sort of freaked my out, so i asked him to stop which he did and i went down on the floor with him again. we were kissing and massaging each other, when i looked up at sarah and sean. they were totally going at it, so i stopped dustin and we sat there and watched sean work his dick into sarah’s dripping pussy. dustin straddled me from behind and slipped his arms around my waist and started to massage my stomach, working his way down to my clit. i reached behind my back and found his dick and leaned against him. i kinda grinded against him. i could feel him get harder with every second as we watched sean and sarah. im not sure, but i think the 4 of us all came around the same time. it was so awesome – me cuming as i felt dustin unload on my back and heard and saw sean and sarah come. i’ve neer had anything like that since.i fell asleep that night with dustin in his bed and we’ve been together ever since. i never touched sarah like that again, but i think shes done it a lot with other girls. her and sean still talk sometimes, and everytime sarah comes home, we have a little private party for the 4 of us.

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