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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was time for my first trip to ob/gyn doctor. I was kind of nervous as i was called into the office. The nurse told me to strip completely and put on the gown. I took off my shirt and shorts and then my bra and panties and put on the gown. A couple minutes later the doctor came in and had me sit on the table with my feet up. I laid back and nervously awaited his first move. I could not see his hands over my gown. He stuck his hand up my vagina and i yelped . He told me to relax. After a minute, he took his hand out and examined the lips of my pussy. I had just begun sprouting hair down there and begun experimenting with masturbation. I hadn’t had an orgasm yet but had some good feelings. While he was examining me, he told me that i looked like the girl that played buffy on tv. I said i heard that a lot. He then took off the gloves and i thought it was over. He said there was still one more test. I saw him pick up something and then i felt what seemed like a feather begin to touch my pussy. I let out a moan as i was immediately aroused. He kept stroking my pussy and then moved down to my clit. He said he was just testing my organs but i knew this wasn’t right. But i didn’t say anything. I tried to keep from moaning as he continued to poke at my clit, but the more i tried to stop, the more intensely i felt the pleasure. I could see him beginning to blush and knew he was aroused too. He started to go faster and i began to feel wet between my legs. it was running down the table and up my ass. I felt like i was ready to explode as i knew my first orgasm was close. I now could not stop moaning and saw that my tits were rock hard and my nipples were standing straight up. Then, just i was about to come, he stopped. He said to get down and get dressed and he left the room. I couldn’t believe it. Here i was on the edge of the first orgasm of my life, and i was stopped. My body was shaking as i got down off the table. He then opened the door and told me to hurry since his next patient was waiting. I got a towel and tried to dry my soaking wet pussy before i put my panties back on. I finished getting dressed and looked in the mirror. I was flushed and my nipples clearly poking my shirt out. I went out to the waiting room and heard the doctor explaining to my mom that patients sometimes are a little overwhelmed by the first visit. We went out to the car to leave and just walking kept me aroused. While driving home, we went over a bunch of rail road tracks and the bumps were once again taking me close to orgasm. I felt myself getting wet again. I looked down and saw that the front of my shorts was all wet. When we got home, i got out of the car and there was a big wet spot on the seat of my dad’s new car. My mom asked me what happened. I told her that i thought i could hold it until we got home but that i had peed my pants. She told me to go to my room and wait for my father.
When he got home he grabbed me, pulled my shorts and panties down and put me over his knee. He then began to spank me. At first it hurt, but then i felt the tingling again in my pussy. I started to get wet again and it got on my dad’s legs. He stood up, throwing me on the bed and said maybe i should start wearing diapers. He went downstairs and i was crying, partly out of pain, partly out of the need to have my orgasm. My mom called me down to dinner and i went down to eat in my fourth pair of panties of the day. My brother started saying, “kerri peed her pants, kerri peed her pants” and i told him to shut up. He was 12. I told him i would tell mom and dad what i saw him doing and he quickly shut up. last week, i went to his room to borrow a pencil when i saw him lying in bed with a box of kleenex and a playboy. He was coming just as i walked in. He pleaded with me not to tell. Then i got an idea. When we were finished eating i told him to come to my room. When he came in, I was lying naked on my bed. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said i was crazy, but i noticed a huge bulge in shorts. I started to beg him to do it. I couldn’t last much longer. He decided to do it. He quickly took off his pants and shirt and i saw a big wet spot on the front of his boxers. He took them down and i saw his cock again. It was good sized for his age, but he didn’t have any pubic hair yet. He layed down on the bed and i sat on top him. I lifted myself onto his cock and then lowered my pussy over it. I began to thrust and we both let out tremendous moans. After only 30 seconds of thrusting, we both came to our first orgasms. I had multiple orgasms that went on for a couple minutes as all the stimulation of the day finally was released. He got cleaned up and went back to his room and i went to take a shower. Then i went to bed and slept for 12 hours.

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