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Kid Brother

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Where it happened: his bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was at my friend’s house at a sleepover. we were watching TV along with her little brother, who is almost 14. The movie had some sex in it and the boy asked if either of us had ever done it. That’s kind of a personal question we told him and he said what’s the big deal, I done it. We both laughed. he is less than 5 ft. tall and his voice has barely changed and still looks more like a little kid. So who did you do it with? his sister asked and when he said who it was feasable. The girl is known to be a slut. Well we continued to watch the movie but the thought of this cute little boy having sex was getting exciting to me. He was lying on the couch wearing only shorts that were hiked up high on his legs and a little tank top. He kept making comments during the sex scenes in the movie like I done that and I liked it when she did that to me. I started to kid with his sister and said do you think I should test him out? She said go 4 it, he’s full of shit. Well, the boy said bullshit, I’ll show her if she wants. He stood up and took my hand and pulled me up to my feet. OK here goes I said and he pulled me out of the room and to his room. I have to admit I was excited at his aggressiveness. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like doing it with him, but God was he cute! He was still leading me by the hand pulling me when we got to his room. He closed the door behind us then he pulled off his shirt then his shorts and underpants all in one motion. Suddenly he’s standing naked in front of me with his penis standing erect about 5 and a half inches long. It looked big enough to do the job. He was just starting to grow pubic hairs. Well what are you waiting for he said and he reached to pull my shirt off but I said wait I’ll do it myself. He was so anxious. So I stripped in front of him and he said nice bod! Thanx I said and he stepped toward me and put his arms around me. We are both about the same height, which is 5 foot 1. He was rubbing his hands up and down my back and butt so I did the same to him. Meanwhile our chests were against each others and my nipples were excited touching his bare skin. This was also getting my pussy wet. Your nice, he said, I really like you so I told him I liked him too. I looked into his eyes and his face looked so young and yet he was just oozing sexuality. He began to grind his penis against my leg and then started a humping motion. He said do you want me to eat you out or do you just want to fuck? It seemed kind of weird for this to come out of the mouth of a old boy but it was a boy that I was holding naked and right then I just wanted to fuck. So I said let’s fuck so we got on his bed. You want me to use I rubber he asked and I said you better. So he went to his dresser and took out a box that was hidden under his clothes. My private stash he said smiling and he took out a condom then put it on. You use many of those I asked him and he said I get my share. In the next 10 minutes I became convinced that he was indeed experienced. Before entering me he licked my nipples and fingered my clit to get me so excited When I was wet enough he entered me wearing the lubricated condom and thrust slowing and sensually. Although the face and chest I was looking at was smooth and hairless like a boy, the penis between my legs was like that of a man. He sensed my mounting orgasm and worked me until I came like I had never on my own. He then moved faster and faster and closed his eyes and I could feel his penis pulsing as he came in his condom. By now he was sweating but he opened his eyes and smiled down at me and said thanx, you were good. I smiled back and said you really do know how to fuck don’t you. Then I pulled him down on me and kissed him. After we kissed he said I’m tired so he stayed in bed and I put my clothes back on and went back to his sister and we talked about it into the night. For me it was a very good first time with a boy who wass younger than me

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