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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: British Columbia
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Britush Columbia Virgin 4
Here I am again. When I ran out of time in the middle of my tale, I had just stripped down naked and jumped up on the exam table so Doc Hal–one of my good buddies, could give me a quick physical exam. So he poked and prodded. He looked in my ears, in my eyes and down my throat with his little pen light, then he felt both of my breasts–really a lot longer than I thought was necessary, but I like Doc, so Oh well. He pushed on my tummy and listened to me breathe with his thing-a-ma-jig. When he slipped on a white rubber glove, I spread mu legs for him, and I felt his finger slipping softly in and out, here and there. I tried to tighten my vaginal muscles and trap his finger, but all I got was a hard smack on my butt. “Hey” said Doc “For a 14 years old girl with no clothes on, your a real smart ass!” “Now just roll over and lie still a minute” He rubbed my butt with some ice cold alcohol, gave my butt another slap, and quick as a wink, stuck in a needle that was really long.–but all I felt was that damn slap. There must have been a lot of magic in that syringe, cause it took a good 30 seconds for all of it to go in my butt, then he pulled it out, and I sat up, a happy camper again. Doc said “Your healthy as a bear.” and asked: “Does your butt sting a little?” “No” I replied. “Liar” he said. “Meanie” I said, and made a face at him.

My Daddy put his arm around my waist and walked me over to the other side of the room–the dark side. Nothing there except a exam curtain, that was drawn closed. He stepped behind me, he reached out and pulled back the curtain. Then “FUCKING A” slipped right out before I could stop it. There was a body on the exam table, covered with a white sheet! I jumped behind Daddy and squeeked “What’s going on Daddy?” He looked at me, grinned, and said “Your scared aren’t you Honey?” Realizing he was laughing at me, I held up my chin, stuck out my small bare chest and gave him a resounding “NO I’m not!” “Well Sweethert of mine, we have talked about sex till you could pass any test I could throw at you, but talk can get you only so far.” “What you need is hand’s on sexual experience, and that’s what we’re going to have today.” “Shit!” I thought, that’s all I need, “A frigging corpse that I am NOT going to touch–Thank You!” But with a gentle push from Daddy, I shuffled up to the table. It was getting warm in the candle-lit room, almost hot, at least I was hot, my skin was damp with a film of sweat. I looked around for a means of escape. No way. Daddy reached out, started to whip off the sheet. I looked up at the ceiling, I didn’t want to see this. “Ta-Da” Dad said with a flourish as he whipped off the sheet. Instinctively, I looked down at the “corpse”. An unintentional “GOD DAMN” blurted out before I could stop it. It was my day for surprises–and my two “buddies” laughing at me! For there on the exam table, in all his naked glory, lay my cousin Scott. His eyes were closed, he wasn’t moving, but there was a hint of a smile on his face.

I had not seen Scott for at least a year. I was not even sure how old he was, I think about two years older than me, so he’s about 16 or 17…and looking down, Holy Shit, I thought, he is a STUD! (Sorry for the language) He lay there unmoving. Undoubtly he had been well coached for his happy part in this—whatever/”Sex Education 404 for Kiley” I was looking at his face, when he opened one a just a little, and winked! Daddy pulled me over in front of Scott’s hips, and told me, “Sweetheart, this is your day.” “Scott is yours today—You can do anything thing you wish–your most secret desire–absolutely anything .” “You can touch him anywhere, kiss him anywhere, do anything your naughty mind may dream up to him, as he is completly helpless and at your mercy.” And with that, he turned around, walked over to the armchair beside Doc and plopped down with a big grin on his face. I grinned back at them, and on impulse, ran over to Daddy and told him “Thanks, Daddy, I love you–Thanks for doing this for me!” And I gave him another giant big bear hug.

Doc put his arm around me and walked back to the exam table with me. “Kiley, there is something else you should know.” “I prescribed birth control pills, that your Dad has been adding to your daily vitamins for the past six weeks, so you’ll not have to worry about getting pregnant.” “You should also know that I’ve examined both boys and they are 100% free of any VD.” “Stop the train” I said in a hoarse whisper to him, “Both boys?” There is more than just Scott?” “God bless the Queen, am I going to be gang-banged?” Doc laughed, so I started punching him on the arm–really hard. When he stopped, he told me, “Darling, One boy is probably good for two, maybe three orgasms, then he going to be shot!” “So we brought in Scott’s 13 year old brother Mark, sort of a warm-up for the main show, you know!” “When he found out, he begged and begged to come.” “He said he would pay a five million dollars for the chance to have ‘sexual interecourse’ with Kiley!” I’ll bet he did, I thought to myself. “Well, we could hardly refuse an offer like that, and besides, it’ll double the fun.” Doc walked back and sat down–actually they were sitting only about five feet away from the table. I made a face at both of them, which cracked them up. I was starting to feel goofy/sexy. I thought to myself “My Daddy is going to get a huge erection watching his little girl get fucked for the first time”, and then I started giggling to myself. As if he could read my thought, Doc cally out, “Kiley, go around to the other side of the table so we have a better view of what’s going on–so we can watch you work.” So I slipped around behind the table, where I could also keep an eye on Doc and Daddy!

I looked down at Scott. At naked, fucking beautiful Scott! I went right for the penis. I may be only 14, but I know what I want in life, and it was right there in front of me. Maybe it was Doc’s shot in my butt taking effect, perhaps I had way too many sexual fantasies, but all I wanted way to reach out and take his penis in my hand. It had a soft, heavy feel. It seemed big to me, but then I really had nothing “real live” to compare it with. I know Daddy’s penis is a lot bigger, but Daddy’s dosen’t count, because Scott is only 16. Scott’s lovely penis has a soft almost silky feel to it. I just wanted to stroke it, feel it all over. He was cut, anyone could easily see that. The head of his penis was quite large. I smiled to myself as I thought that it was shaped to “plow through something”. His soft shaft was just enough to fit in my fist–quite a handfull. I had always wondered about that mysterious thing–the scrotum–that sack between his legs, so, being brave, I sort of picked it up and hefted it in the palm of my hand. God, what a handful. I could easily feel his testicles rolling around inside, trying to avoid my fingers. I wondered how he kept from crushing them between his legs? “So this is where all his sperm is store until it is ejaculated into a girls vagina” I thought sexily. It was hot in here! They were new and wonderful and I loved them both. I must name them–but I couldn’t think of any names! I felt silly, so I leaned over and sucked one of the small egg shaped testicles into my mouth. Like any adventure, it was new and strange—and hairy. I rolled my tongue around it and was very gentle with it, and I didn’t want to give it up, but it was attached, so. But there were bigger and better things to play with. Scott had black pubic hair–mine is more reddish. It appears he had cut it short, maybe just for me. I ran my fingers through it, and arouund his scrotum–He was mine!

I inhaled the odor of his “maleness”–it was a good clean smell, one I could easily enjoy living with. Leaning down, I ran my wet lips the length of his shaft as I stretched it in my hand. Somehow the sensation just felt “wicked” to me. I stood up, and just played with his penis, weighing it, flopping it back and forth in my hands, examining the little opening in the head. Then I tried to see how far I could stretch it! I looked over at Daddy. He was watching me intently. I gave him one of those questioning looks. He grinned and whispered: “Do it, Sweetheart.” I turned back to that beautiful boy laying on the table and grasped his penis in both hands, bringing it stright up. I leaned down and hesitantly touched the head with my wet tongue. It didn’t taste bad! Well I needed a better taste! Licking my lips, I looked up at Daddy, then opened my mouth wide and took the whole head of the penis into my mouth. Now that I had it I didn’t know what to do with it. Holding it as I was, I suddenly realized Scott was getting an erection, not just the “semi-hard” of before, this was really getting hard and getting lots bigger!

It was not long until Scott has a magnigicant erection that I’m sure my Daddy would have been proud of. It was a full erection The head of his penis was large too, and I pulled it out with a “Plop”. Yes we had determined that the head was large, almost too large for my mouth! For the next few minutes, I just admired his erection, stroking it, giving it long firm strokes, starting at the base and finishing with a squeeze as I slipped off the top of his penis. I tired of this quickly, and feeling brave, or stupid or whatever, I decided to “Deep Throat” Scott. I took him into my mouth slowly, and just let more and more of his penis slide into my mouth–It made my whole body feel “electric shivers” as it filled my mouth. God–I mean he gave a little push, and his penis slid right down my throat maybe 4 or 5 centimeters. I panicked–I really thought I was going to barf! I pulled back to a “Safe” zone, where just the head was in my mouth, where it fit nice and snug, thank you! I looked over at Daddy and tried to Grin–but My mouth was full! They laughed. I pulled away from Scott and ran over to daddy, bare breasted, I thrrew myself into his arms and hugged him for all I could, and in an unusual move of the two of us,that I’ve never done before, I kissed him on the mouth–long and sweetly–I wasn’t really crying, I just had tears in my eyes. Then as my lips brushed his I opened up, and told him everything in my heart. I whispereed to him my fondest secrets, of how I was feeling about Scott–How Scott made me feel! “Daddy..you’ve got my body tingling all over, it just won’t stop.” “It’s like tiny pin pricks in my clit and inside my vagina and on ehe lips of my cunny–even my breasts and nipples are so very sensitive, my nipples are as hard as stones and they just tingle.” “I want to do bad, naughty things with Scott, things you would never even think of doing.” “I have a tempature of 110 degrees–I so hot I’m sweating like a horse.” “And all because of you my Darling Daddy.” “I love having Scott here to love and fondle, and his penis is so wonderful–that sweet curved erection–God I love it!!””Daddy” I whispered quietly, “my cunny is so wet that it’s running down both my legs–isn’t that awful?” And like a naughty girl, I took his hand and put it high up between my thighs where he could feel the slippery juices. Again I kissed Daddy long, softly on the lips, our tongues sliding. “Thanks for my Scotty” I whispered to him “I love you Daddy” I just lay there in his arms, my eyes closed as he stroked me, my arms, my tummy and my breasts –very gently.

I looked over at Doc. He gave me one of those “rejected” looks, so I gave Daddy a final hug and hopped over to Doc Hal–my very best buddy! I bear-hugged him, rubbed my nose all over his face. Then I kissed him (Another 1st) feeling wild, I opened my mouth, nd as we were pressed together, he naturally opened his without thinking. Like a snake, my tongue was in there exploring, inside his lips, his cheeks, his teeth, I twisted my tongue around his–severl times, then again. I sucked on it And Doc, God Bless him, he kissed me back–really kissed me good! I could feel his erection through his slacks–it was hard! Just to tease, I raised up and brought my small breast up to his lips. Now my breasts are nothing to shout about. If you cut an orange in half, thre you’d have my breast! At least they are nice and round and firm. And I have high hopes. My nipples are light pink, and no bigger than a penny. Poor Doc was surprised in all directions. I was just feeling so damn randy, I put my nipple into his mouth. I was holding the back of his head so he couldn’t pull away–he didn’t try! He did what any man would do, he sucked my nipple into his mouth, gently bit on it, mouthed it. “Harder” I whispered in his ear. And Doc complied, his hand went to my other breast. He sqeezed it, rubbed the nipple, made love to it soltly with force. Jeeze, I was getting hotter just realizing what Doc was actually doing to me–the idea of it was so exciting. There was no warning, it just came over me like a blanket The orgasm stiffened my whole body–I held hard to his head, shut my eyes tight. My body just shuddered. I’ve masturbated–Hell, Daddy’s masturbated me, but this, this was stright from heaven. Doc knew, he held me really tight aginst him all during the orgasm. I lay there for two or three minutes. It was wonderful to have Doc hold me naked in a “sexual way”‘ it just felt absolutely stunning. Finally with a goofie grin I broke away and back to my Scottie.

At this point Daddy would have said “4th down and goal”–his favorite! So I gave Scott’s penis a little suck—I didn’t want to hurt him! But judging from his moans of pleasure, I was doing the right thing, so I continued, experimenting, sucking gently on his penis, stroking the silky skin on his hard shaft Scott’s penis was a little unusual, I thought, it was a little curved, sort of pointed up to his chin, like a bananna might be curved–and as big! I had seen Daddy’s erection often, and it always stuck up and out, stright as an arrow. Loving Scott was like I was hooked onto an electric plug–not electric exactly, but God, a hell of a good feeling just the same. I put all my energy into stimulating his penis, twisting the head, sucking hard, then softly, then hard again, stroking this long curved shaft. Twisting my head around as I sucked.

Now at this point, things started to get out of control. I was feeling an overwhelming desire to just love this boy with all my heart and all my body! Miracles were not over yet! I could feel his penis grow even larger!, and pulsing as tho it were a muscle, flexing. Then Scott started to lift up against me. While I was wondering what the Hell was happening, he suddenly thrust his penis deeply into my mouth. Before I could say “Hey” (my mouth was full) I felt something squirt out of his penis. With him lodged firmly inside my mouth, it just “whooshed” right down my throat. Probably six or seven times I felt something warm squirt out of Scott’s penis and hit the back of my throat. I gulped and gulped, having little choice. I just kept swallowing. I had no time to even think about it. It’s hard to describe the taste, like describing the taste of something you’ve always loved, but have never tasted. Actually I didn’t have a chance to really taste much of it. By now, Scott’s penis had softened considerably, and looking like I had won the ballgame, I looked over at Dad, Gave him a great big smile and a big “Thumb’s up”.

Doc came over and we talked for a few minutes. Then he whispered in my ear that it might be fun for the roles to be reversed! So I pulled Scott off the table and we hugged and kissed for more than necessary. Doc got out the GYN stirrups and I helped him attach them on the foot of the table. I jumped up and layed down on the table. I was nervous, but excited about it, and eager. Doc lifted my legs into he stirrups and helped me scoot down so my butt was at the very end of the table. With both my legs high up and wide apart, I felt as tho my poor cunny was wide open–which it was. Doc said “Kiley Honey, your’ showing a lot of pink” and with that, he gave me a smack on the butt–that felt good, and went back to his chair. I was feeling absolutely exhilarated. I found it exciting that both Doc and Daddy could see me in such a “sexual” position–the idea of it was stimulating, and they would be watching Sonny do sexual things to me–that was a big turn-on for me.

I motioned Scott over to me. I pulled him down, and whispered “Honey, no one has ever gone down on me before, I want you to be the first, so love sweetheart!” I looked over at Doc and Daddy. They were both grinning, so I just stuck out my tongue at them. Scott first kissed each breast very tenderly, touching them as if he loved them. He held my nipples as though he were fascinated by the way they could get hard when rubbed. He nipped them, then bit them, which got an “Ouch” and a laugh from me. But Scott made me feel on fire–my whole body. He kissed me sweetly on the mouth, together we kissed, knowing each other, becoming more and more aroused with each kiss.

Scott went around and sat on a stool between my legs. He put a warm hand on my thigh. I was already sopping wet, but he didn’t mind. I raised my hips, I couldn’t wait. All I could do was lay there and wiggle my ass and moan. Ke kissed his way down my thigh as I went really crazy. When he touchued my outer lips, licking them, I thought I had never in my life had any idea of what it was like to have a boy go down on you–it cannot be described, there are no words! The tip of his tongue explored. I tried my best to remain perfectly still, so I cold feel every exquisite detail, every tiny electrical shock. It’s just like a kiss, really except (if you can imagine) you are kissing with the lips of your cunny instead of your real lips! Now I know why lesbians enjoy their lifestyles so very much!—it’s fucking glorius! I felt his magic tongue slowly explore every fold and crease, caress each lip’s softness. Whoeee—I think he found my clit! I know he found my clit. Oh My God. If you ever want to be in Heaven, have your lover suck on your clit! He moves it from side to side with his lips, sucking, tounging, biting–God, my hips bucked with excitement. My moans filled the room with a sexual music.

But in the back of my mind, I knew what was coming, I thought of my poor small, tight vagina. Then I thought about his penis–that “large” curved erection of his. God, I was scared to death!

To be continued

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