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kissin[?] cousin

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: cousin's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

i have this younger, 13 yr cousin, who is not really a cousin as her grandmother and my grandfather were only in-laws, but our families have been friendly for years. she is 4 yrs younger than me, and always hung around me. we used to kid around, play games etc but lately as she has gotten quite frisky. she always would hug me, sit on my lap, climb all over me.
her mom asked me to tutor her in math, as i was a wiz and she needed help. i would come over after school to work on math. i noticed lately that she had little titties, cute nips, a nice pert ass, and she always seems to be running her tongue over her lips. she would wear tops that would be loose so that i could get an a peek, she usually did not wear a bra. sometimes she would wear a loose dress and bend down in front of me so i could see all the way down to her pretty panties. but she was only my cousin.
one time, her mom asked me if after math i would pick up a pizza as my cousin, felicia and her best friend, maxine, were going to have sleepover [no school he next day] and my aunt and uncle were going out for the evening.
i joined them for the pizza. while i went out to pick it up, the girls changed into their PJ’s Fil wore loose top with cut off bottoms, while maxine wore baby dolls with tight panties. maxine is much bigger that fil so she quite filled out those baby dolls, pulling them tight accross her amble breasts.
after pizza, my cousin asked me why i didn’t ask maxine for a date. though whe has a bod to die for, i said that she is too young for me, she has never dated, and that she properly doesn’t even know how to kiss. Fil said yes she does, they had pacticed, and why don’t i check it out. so i kissed her, and she sure knew how to work her tongue. maxine said that Fil had taught her and she was even better, why not check it out. so i kissed Fil long and hard. While I kissed her, maxine took my hand and placed it on fil’s nice ass. Then i kissed maxine, and Fil took my hand and put it on maxine’s breasts. i carressed and fingered her hard nipples, then while still kissing max, i moved my other hand onto fil’s small firm breasts. by now my hands were all over these both pairs of breasts, one small and one nice 34’s., with both tops pulled up and off. i then was sucking on one set while while squeezing the other.
i couldn’t believe that my shy, cousin was so bold, I then suggested that i needed some attention, figuring that maxine would put her hand and my ragng dick…but before I knew it, my cousin had my pants down and she was sucking me off. I asked her later where she learnt this and she told me by watching my uncle’s pornos she found hidden away. anyway, Fil sucked and licked, then maxine joined in. I came in Fil’s mouth, and maxine licked me clean.
I asked if they wanted to continue. before i knew it, my cousin pushed down her bottoms, climbed onto the couch and spread her legs. I pushed my tongue into her virgin box while fingering maxine’s virgin box lying down right next to each other. with fingering one and tonguing the other, both girls came to an orgasim almost at the sane time. now i was hard again, so it was time: both wanted to be first, but i felt that my cousin was first. I slowly entered her, tight at first, she said she felt a little pain but keep going. I now went all the way in, she was moaning with pleasure. I went in and out, in and out. she had a huge orgasim, then i came all over her stomach. all this time my finger was in maxine’s hot box. My cousin felt that max was next. the two of them went down on me together, one sucking, one licking my balls.. in no time i was hard again, so Fil quided me into max’s virgin, hot box. max was so tight, she later told us she had mastabated with a pen, a carrot, even a small cuke. but she was tight and i went all the way in. And out, and in, and out. I thought that i would never be able to come yet again, max had multipe orgasims, but i did come a little on her stomach.
I did date max after this, but my cousin was the best, whenever i came over to tutor her, almost every week, she would greet me wearing skirts with no panties, which she would sit with her legs spread open and skirt pushed up so i had no doubt what she wanted after the tutoring lessen, or she would wear T-shirts with no bra, or once short short shorts with no panties. she loved to suck my dick, she once sucked me off as i was checking out her homework
The best were three somes we had often . Great pizza’parties every week or so, with even better desserts and games.

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