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Kissing Cousins

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Los Angeles
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I grew up in a big family with lots of cousins. Coming from the midwest, my family would often travel to our cousins on the east coast for holidays and vacations. Being on the younger end of the group of cousins I would often hang out with my cousin Amy who was a year older than me. Amy is really beautiful, about 5’3″ with a beautiful smile, and a gorgeous figure. Both are families were pretty straight-laced, and we grew up relatively innocent in sexual matters. Amy and I were pretty close and we would see each other every year or so for the holidays. One year in high school, both our families traveled to the west coast for the holidays to stay with another one of our cousins. It was a great vacation, and with mine and Amy’s large families, we couldn’t all fit in our cousin’s house in L.A. Our L.A. cousins had friends that were out of town, who had a gorgeous house down the road with empty beds and rooms. Our parents thought that Amy and I at 15 and 14 respectively were responsible enough to stay at the house by ourselves. I’m not sure it even crossed their minds that we would get into any ‘funny business’ as they liked to call it.
We spent the day walking around town, shopping etc. and after dinner when it started getting late, Amy and I headed down the street to the neighbor’s house.
They had set up two beds on the main floor, one in the TV room, and one kind of in the main foyer. We picked beds, I headed to the T.V. room and we unpacked our stuff and got ready for bed. I let Amy use the bathroom first, she took her sweet time being a girl, and called out when she was done, so that I could get washed up and changed. I headed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt to go to sleep. When I got out, Amy called for me to come join her, to hang out on her big queen sized bed for a while before we went to sleep. Frankly, I was thinking about seeing what was on T.V. that night, but went to join her anyway.
When I saw her, I was a little shocked. She was wearing a beautiful bright red satin pajama shirt and matching pants, and she looked fabulous. I asked her if this is what she usually wore to bed and she said yes, but I was a little skeptical. Anyway, we hadn’t seen each other in a while so we chatted for a while catching up on what we were up to, which boys/girls we liked etc. Eventually, we got to the topic of what was the most we had ever done sexually. Amy said that the most she had ever done was french kissed. She told me a funny story about how her friends in camp had been talking about blow-jobs, but she thought they had said blow-dryer, and got embarrassed by the big mix-up. I sheepishly said that I had never done anything with a girl before. I was pretty shy, and wasn’t particularly cool.
Amy suggested that due to our inexperience, perhaps we should practice on each other to get a little bit more confidence when we headed home. I agreed but at the time felt a little nervous and excited.
The two of us sat up and tentatively kissed, gradually putting a little bit of tongue into each others mouth’s. We tried it a few times, and it started to feel pretty good, and I reached up and held her head, and stroked her face. We didn’t say a word, but as we sat there kissing deeply we started putting our hands around our bodies, holding each other close together. I starting erecting a pretty big tent in my thin shorts, and Amy noticed before long. She looked at me and whispered, “Can I see it?” I had been running my hands up and down her firm body, and answered, “If you let me see your body.
We separated and began to remove our clothing. Amy slowly unbuttoned her red pajama top, and I slid my shorts over my throbbing erection, that was getting stiffer by the moment. I got my first look at a beautiful pair of breasts, and as she slid off her pants I saw her sparsely haired vagina. We stared at each other for a moment, and she couldn’t take her eyes off my 6 inch erection. Gently, I took her hands and placed it on my penis. They were so soft and warm and I almost came right at that moment. She motioned for me to touch her body, and I softly stroked her soft breasts and erect nipples. I slowly worked my hands down to her vagina and found it soft and wet. I joked with her that perhaps she should give me a blow-dryer, to which she answered in the affirmative, asking me to tell her how it feels. She tentatively put her mouth over the tip, licking and sucking it like a popsicle. Her mouth was so warm, and her tongue was doing amazing things to the head. I started breathing fast, and starting cumming in huge spurts into her mouth. She was a little surprised, but soon lapped up all the extra cum that was trickling out of her lips.
We then changed positions, and she directing my mouth to her now sopping vagina. I found her clitoris and starting softly licking it, while sticking a finger into her vagina. She started moaning softly, and calling out my name. Her breathing got faster, and before long, she was clenching her soft and wonderful thighs around my head, cumming loudly. We lay there for a few moments in each others arms. And soon began kissing again. She had her hand on my dick, and was stroking it slowly, as it began hardening again. In the meantime I was caressing her breasts and nipples, and stroking her cunt. She whispered to me that she wanted me to be her first. I was a little nervous about getting her pregnant, but she said she was on the pill to regulate her period.
I readily agreed. She spread her legs wide, and helped to guide my now rock hard dick into her beautiful vagina. I slid right in, but soon came up to her hymen. She grimaced as I pushed against it, until I finally broke through and we were still for a couple of seconds. She started kissing me again, and I started moving in and out of her. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever had, it felt amazing.
Amy started breathing hard as I built up a rhythm burying my penis to the hilt inside her soaking wet vagina. After a couple of minutes of frantic pumping a blew my second load, shaking uncontrollably, as I shot spurts of cum into her. (Thank god for the teenage libido). We held each other tightly, kissing and stroking each other. We continued for the next few hours, experimenting with positions, kissing and sucking each other to sleep. We stayed together at the house for two more nights, and each time we stayed up for hours fucking like rabbits.
We remain close to this day. We are both married, and she and her lucky husband have 3 kids. We never made love again, but every so often when we see each other, we give each other a knowing smile.

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