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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his cottage
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I have a cottage in Muskoka and I go there with my family every summer. Anyway… We know basically everyone in the area and I have a lot of good friends there that I only see during the summer. Todd, was a year older than me and I had known him since I was 5. I saw him every summer. He was 6 feet tall, tanned from being outside all the time, he had dark brown hair and the coolest green eyes. He was very athletic so hehad the greatest body, and BEST six pack. We were really good friends, we talked about everything, we wrote e-mails and chatted on the internet when it wasn’t summer.
Anyway, we had always been close, but not like a couple. We could talk about anything, we were really comfortable with eachother.
One day (last summer) my parents had gone away for the weekend to visit their friends in Algonquin Park and they had left me and my older brother Jeff, at the cottage. My brother had gone out fishing with his friends and left me all alone. I was bored and most of my friends had gone cliff jumping, I had slept in and so they hadn’t invited me.
I had woken up around 11, eaten a little and gone for a swim. I saw Todd on his dock as I was on my wayout of the cottage and decided when I was done I would go over and say hi.
I got out of the water and went inside, I dried my self off and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top over my bikini. I put on my sandals and walked back out to the canoe. I hopeed in and paddled over to Todd’s cottage. I got out and tied up the canoe and called out his name. No one answered me, I looked around at the back of the cottage, the car was gone. Todd must have been alone there. I hoped that he hadn’t gone for a walk.
I walked back to the dock and called his name again. I saw him walking around inside, through the window. SO i walked to the back door and let myself in and called, “Todd?” He was in the kitchen, he turned around and smile, “I saw you out there swimming.”
He was standing at the counter making a sandwhich. “I just woke up 20 minutes ago. What’s up?”
He was standing barefoot, in only his boxers, I was staring at his tanned back as he moved around, “Not much. Everyone went diving, Jeff’s fishing with the guys. Where are your parents?”
He told me they had taken his little brother and sister to the Muskoka Store, to buy a paddle boat. He was planning on going for a swim. I sat down at the table and we talked while he ate his sandwhich. When he was done, he asked me, “Wanna go in for a dip with me?” I agreed and he went to change in to his bathing suit. I met him on the dock nad he had two towels with him. I took off my shorts and tank top and was working on getting off the friggin’ sandals when he pushed me into the water. I came up sputter, half laughing and half yelling cuz my sandal had fallen off.
He dove in and found it and when he came up from the water he threw it onto the dock and started splshing me playfully. We were having a good time and i was trying to dunk his head under water, when he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me towards him. I could feel him kicking his legs to hold us both up. He showed no signs of letting me go.
“Yer lookin’ good this year!” he said. (He had only arrived up at the cottage 3 days before.) I laughed and splashed him. “I’m serious,” he said, he then kissed me softly on the lips. I was somewhat shocked, but excited… I had always had a crush on him. I looked around, we were sort of hidden by the canoe. We started making out in the water, i had my legs wrapped around him and he had moved to the shallower water. He was getting pretty heavy, and I didn’t mind one bit. I could feel his erection as he slid his hands over my bikini top.
“Not outside,” I told him. “What if someone can see!” He smiled, and we swam over the the ladder and he watched as I climbed up onto the dock. I grabbed a towel and began drying myself off, then i grabbed my clothes and we went inside. I knew where I was going and what I had in mind. So i went into his room and sat down on the bed.
he closed the door behind him and pulled the curtains.
We started up again and in very little time my top was off. We were laying on his bed, kissing and feeling eachother, when his hand reached between my legs and his finger went under my bathing suit. I wasn’t expecting it right then and I jumped from the feeling. “I’m sorry,” he said and moved his hand back up to my breast. “it’s okay.,” i said and put his hand back between my legs. There was some heavy petting going on. (It wasn’t really new to me, I had done everything BUT sex, with my last boyfriend) Suddenly I slid off his trunks and while he was laying on his back, I gave him a blow job. When he came allover my chest, I rolled over nad he licked it off.
When he had finished that. I slid off my bikini bottoms. I don’t think he realized what I was thinking.
“Do you have anything?” I asked. Still confused he jsut stared at me. I sat up and looked at him, “Do you have a condom?” “This is all a little new to me,” he told me. “I think i have one, just a minute.” he looked around the room and came back to the bed. I put it on him and he asked me, “Isn’t it your first time too?” I said yes. “Won’t it hurt you?” “It shouldn’t,” I replied, “I’ve been fingered before.”
So he was layign there on the be with a wierd look on his face, I told him to relax and climbed on. He loosened up, right away. I was on top, in control, he had one hand on my ass. While I moved up and down he fondled my breasts. I came in about 10 minutes, I did after 5 more. I rolled over and spread my legs. And he inserted his penis. THis time it lasted longer. I rotated my hips and it was even better, I came twice before he did. We lied beside eachother for a long time. Until I gotup and began to get dressed.
We talked for a bit. We decided to go out. It was all pretty good. We had the best summer. We made love 8 more times, his room, my room, one time we did it in the water while we were skinny dipping and another time we did it in his boat. It was the best summer!!!

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