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Lactating girlfriend (YUMMI)

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: in my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

So there I was, sucking on my girlfriends tits (shes crazy about that 4play, she says its the best feeling a girl could ever imagine) anyways … when she said she wanted to finally do it w/ me, I was all YES!!! ….

Now we were at her bedroom when I was “nursing” on her Beautiful boobies, theres no tanlines (thank god), shes got 40D’s (which are pretty freakin huge) and she unusually releases milk when im suckin on them for awhile (dont get me wrong, breastmilk IS VERY good, I think, warm&sweet) … Anways, we had her dad take us back to my house cuz my mom was only home w/ my sis’ watching them, so I snuck her in through the back door after I walked in and just yelled MOM, IM HOME, IM GOING TO BED just do shed think everything was normal … but it wasnt 😉

I cant remember what exactly she was wearing, but shes very hot. short blonde hair/browneyes/nice hite/good ass and legs/tits that could make a desert drool. she started to go down, kissing me and i just rubbed her arms and shoulders as she started suckin my 6″ dick, just to get me hard. then I laid her down as I was takin off her clothes and kissed her for awhile as she felt my ass and cock and I felt her tits and pussy hair (she wasnt wet just yet).

I kissed my way down her neck and nibbled there for awhile as I fiddled my thumb and forefinger rubbing her VERY hard and Really moist nipples. she just pulled my long hair back and said something like BABY, GO ON AND SUCK ON MAMAS TITTIES (I usually call her mama and she calls me baby, for obvious reasons). and so I licked and rubbed my face into her tits for seconds till I found which one I wanted to latch onto and sucked her left tit for alongtime. she just runn her hands through my hair and whispered I LOVE YOU. I switched breasts and told her I loved her before I started sucking on her right boob.

After awhile of her milking and my sucking, I didnt even notice I was so hard, but I was fucking her. I got so lost in her tits that I had been humping her just out of instinct for a couple of minutes already.

I fucked and sucked her the rest of the night. we stuck together for couple of months after that, but she got into juvinile trouble and was sent. That kinda automatically ended our relationship, plus the fact that when I got kicked out of my house, my dad found her panties&bra she left for me to always remember that night. that sucked (no pud intended). he asked if I came in her and asked whats that white stuff on the inside of her cups. I just kinda giggled and said YOU DONT WANNA KNOW. I was grounded, but it was worth the feel of beeing inside of her, sucking past her areolas all night long, and just rubbing up against her that night.

Ill never forget it


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