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Where it happened: Rented House
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am from a small town. My parents worked hard in order for me to go to college in the city. When I 9 I moved to the city to study in a college. The college normally books family houses for us to stay sort of like a boarding house only for 1 or 2 students. Guess I was the lucky one where when I went looking for the house I was to stay in belonged to a gorgeous 38 year old lady and her old daughter. I got myself introduced and moved in to the last room in the house. There was another student staying in the 3rd room. I got acquainted and that night dinner was on them. That was the begining of a great life in the city.For the first few months, i tried to get used to the city life and the college landlady works as a Realtor and she sometimes comes home early. One afternoon, I was getting ready to go for my afternoon session classes. I just shower and walked into my room. I was in a hurry and thinking that no one was at home I didn’t lock my room door. I was just slipping into my undies when I sortta felt horny.I decided to have a whank before I left the house. I was whanking away secretly thinking of my landlady.What I didn’t realise was that she was actually peeping through my open door.I just didn’t realise it and when I jerked off my cum, I felt some movement near my door.I cleaned up thought nothing of it and got ready to go to class. As I walked out, I bumped into the landlady and I was shocked to find her at home. I slurtted a few words and I just walked out of the house.She gave me a real slutty smile and closed the door behind me. That night I was sitting on my bed and was going through my earlier class notes when I heard a knock on the door. I said come in and it was my landlady. She came in and asked if everything was okay. I said yeah and she sat on my bed to see what I was doing. While chatting, she actually leaned against me and kissed me good night.I was preety shocked at first but returned the kiss..only this time on her lips.She didn’t mind it at all. Then she got up and walked out of the room.Guess what she told me??
Don’t lock the door tonight young man.I was really confused by what she said. Well, anyway, I didn’t lock the door and after taking a cold shower, I slept. It was close to 1am, when I heard my door opening and closing and was locked.It was dark but I knew it was my landlady because I could smell her.I pretended to be asleep.She sat by me and put her palm on my mouth and woke me up. I pretended to be shocked and I whispered to her…what is it Mrs.Jenny? Is anything wrong? Yes, a lot of things went wrong since you stayed here.You have made me feel good, feel young,out of control, you masturbate with your doors open, you are so good looking and I want you to make love to me…and please call me Jenny. I am like…what? SShhhh..not so loud she said and she grabbed my face and gave me the best wet kiss I ever had.I felt something going up in my tummy.I quickly pushed her away and told her I have not done it before and I don’t know what to do.Have you seen me masturbating? Oh God..I feel so embarrased.Don’t be Johnny…I loved the way you mentioned my name when you were doing it.I will make it true for you tonight.She removed her nightie showing off her 36D..nice firm ones after all these years.She had her panty on. She told me to remove my shorts and she pushed me onto my bed.Are you a virgin Johnny?? Huh..I am Mrs..Jenny.Let Jenny show you the art of love making…and while she was saying all this she was slowly touching my balls and dick.I was getting electric shocks and my tummy was giving me the cramps.I was shocks at places I never thought to be in existence dick was so hard it hurt like crazy.But the feeling of Jennys palm on it was so assuring.Would you like to suck my titts Johnny? I nodded like a dog waiting for a biscuit.She took my hands and placed it on her boobs..I just died and went to heaven.I started massaging it and slowly put my lips on it and sucked it fast and my hands were all over her body. I heard her moan.Here I am about to fuck for the first time and I am dying to know how to do it.She was by now stroking my dick, I felt my whole body vibrating with joy. Suddenly she stopped and said, not so fast lover boy.I want you to enjoy the whole thing before you cum…and while you are at it, make me cum..you sweet lover boy and she kissed me again. Then she whispered in my ears softly while biting it…lick my pussy sweet baby…make me cum with your tongue.Wow…I am finally going lick the pussy which I always wanted to. I turned her over and spread her legs. I saw the juiciest thing ever…all wet and waiting to be licked and sucked.I toyed with her pubic hair and slowly gave her the cat licks.She just moaned so loud that I had to turn on my radio to absorb the noise.I was licking and finger fucking her for a good 15 minutes.I wanted to lick her arse but she said don’t stop now…I am cumminnnggg…don’t stop…don’t stop…yes…yes…yes…I am cumming my darling…she was vibrating so hard that she was actually face fucking me.I carried her thighs higher and tongue fucked her and the final clit licker did her for good…she just dropped and crushed my face with her thighs and just laid there for about a minute…she jumped up to my face and sat her pussy right on my mouth.Tongue fuck me johnny..I brought my tongue out and she just rode my tongue.The sweet smell of pussy juice all over my face…pubic hair in my mouth…the feeling was just great.After about 5 minutes she stopped and said..okay darling,now it’s your turn.Huh??What..I have already cum from all the action…feel my thighs Jenny.That doesn’t mean anything my sweet lover.You have to fuck me tonight and while she was saying all the sweet nothings, she was stroking my dick back to a hard on. She laid spread eagled in front of my dick and started licking my balls. My love juice was just oozing out and she licked everything dry. What I experienced the 5 minutes was sheer exstasy.She was sucking my dick with such pleasure.She was a real pro..carefully stroking while sucking my balls and when she took in both my 6″ dick and balls I just couldn’t hold on anymore…I shot my load again in her mouth.She just gulped the whole load.Yes baby…cum in my mouth…fuck my mouth…well that was what I was practically doing Jenny…fuck my mouth till you dry up Johnny.I came twice and I felt so week.But I was not about to show it to my Jenny..who was slowly stroking my dick while still in her mouth to another hard on….now fuck me!!.HUH??? How do I do it…which hole? I will guide you in Johnny…I am all wet Johnny…and you are such a hard on…She laid on her back and carried her legs up.I was holding my dick with one hand moving close to her. She started tickling my balls and slowly grabbed my dick and slid it into her pussy.It was the most wonderful moment for me.Her pussy was still tight probably becuase she had not been fucked for the past 6 years after her husband died.She let out a low moan when I slid in all the way.I felt out of this world.She told me to go on a masturbating rythm which I did. Since I came twice, I was not abouyt to cum now.I fucked her hard and she was crossing her legs behind my back and scratching my back.She started kissing my chest and moaning something and she gave me the best love bite I could imagine. That sort of like told me she was ripe. She pulled my face to her face and kissed my lips and she also bit it.She was moaning and groaning in joy when suddenly she said..fuck me harder johnny..fuck me harder.Yeah baby…yeah baby..fuck me..Fuck Jennys pussy…I am cuumming…I don’;t wanna cum now baby..ohhh fuck me harder..fuck..shit I am cuuuummmming….ohh fuck me don’t stop now…she was jerking so hard that I started fucking her real hard until she slowed down but she was moaning louder and she told me to do the doggie on her.Does that mean I fuck your arse Jenny..no..lover..you fuck my pussy from the back….she immediatly turned herself on all fours and grabbed my dick from the bottom and slid it into her pussy.That was the best…She did this twist which showed her ahole pussy and my dick was crushed inside her cunt walls.I felt like cumming but I wanted to save it for a while.This felt good.I fucked her like a dog and she just loved every moment of it.When I started to pump harder and faster, she knew I was going to cum and she held on tightly to me and told me to cum into her…at that moment I just couldn’t take it anymore…I fucked and rammed her one last time and shot my load into her…,she just screamed softly as my cum gushed into her tummy walls.She just fell and I fell by her side. We kissed and hugged tight and we slept together that night which lasted for about 2 hours.. God.. first fuck and it was the best. Untill the day I graduated I was fucking Jenny and we loved every moment we are together.We have kept it a secret till now.She is quite jealous when her daughter talks to me but she is alright.Anyway, Jenny and her daughter have migrated to another country. I still visit her once in a while and re-kindle our life. We still make love and I think I should keep it a secret from my wife….her daughter!

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