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Lanky Little Step Sisters

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Age when it happend: 13-19
Where it happened: Our house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well it all started when my dad remarried a woman who had 2 daughters. I was 12year old when Ashley and Kelly came to live with us. Ashley was 10 and Kellywas8 Both of them very tall, slender, and pretty! I was an only child and having sisters was an exciting and new experience for me. As it turned out, Ashley’s birthday was one day before mine. She turned 10 the day before I was to turn 12. I wasn’t use to sharing bathrooms, etc. but so enjoyed doing so! I had NEVER seen a real life naked girl until I walked in on Kelly. She was getting into the bath and she didn’t care I saw her naked, wasn’t embarassed at all. I had just started to discover my cock, and had jerked off before but when I saw her naked it got hard right away! She was 8 then, so it wasn’t like she had boobs, but she was a naked girl and I saw her pussy. Ashley was prettier and more shy, she was about 5’6″ probably 100 pounds with long long legs, curly brown hair and beautiful blue eyes! She was very flat chested then and self consious about it too. I ALWAYS dreamed about seeing where her slender long connected to her body? After about 6 months Kelly would run around the house in her panties, and even sometimes naked. Not so Ashley. One night when our parents were both gone, Kelly was naked and running from her sister and came into my room to hide. She got under my bed and stayed there until Ashley had given up catching her. When she got out, she just sat on my bed naked with her legs slight apart I couldn’t help looking and she knew i was looking. Then she said if you show me yours I will show you mine? I said ok, and she pulled her legs up on the bed spread her knees and then pulled apart her pussy lips, I thought I was going to cum in my pants. I didn’t want to take mine out cuz it was so hard, but she made me and she gasped some and said wow, can I touch it? So I let her and when she did I came all over her hand. She said yuck but wanted to investigate and we checked it out and checked out each other somemore. She was just 9 years old, and just a little girl. But she did have a nice pussy and I had never seen one like that in real life. She was tall like her sister, and maybe 70 pounds. No boobs. By then everyone in the house just thought well thats Kelly and if she ran around naked, its just Kelly. She continued to give me personal shows when I would ask for them. It was just a few months later, when Ashley told me that she knew what Kelly and I had been doing and I thought oh no. I said what have we been doing, and she said she knew that I liked to see her naked and she told her that sometimes she just lets me see her naked? Well I confised and said yes thats true. I said I always would like to see naked girls, whats wrong with that? She said nothing, but shes just 9 years old and I said yah I know and she runs around the house naked all the time! She left my room. I didn’t know if she was going to tell her mom or not? Tomorrow was to be her birthday she was turning 11 and the next day I was going to be 13. Late that night she came into my room in her night clothes, tshirt and panties. It was late like 1am and sat on my bed. As pretty as you could imagine any 12 year old girl. As she got older she was the local home coming queen, the captain of the volleyball team and taller and even prettier. She said I won’t tell mom or dad, i promise, but why don’t you wnat to see me naked too? I said I do but I can’t like just ask you can I? She said yes you can. My cock was instantly hard! I made sure I stayed under the blankets. She asked me again do you want to see me naked? I said yes, yes! She pulled her shirt up and over her head and had nothing but her pink panties on. She said want to see it all and I said sure, and she said not until I get to see you? She was just sprouting her boobs, and I knew she wore a training bra, her nipples were sticking out, pink and kinda hard. But I really wanted to see what was under those pink panties. So I uncovered my self and got out my throbbing dick. I said ok let me see all of you now. She slowing pulled down her panties and revealed the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. Granted it was only the second, but to this day it is still the most beautiful! Looked much like Kellys, with just a wisp of hair on the top of her crack. Her lips where slightly swollen and red, but all we did was look at each other. That was soon to change and with in a month Ashley and I were have oral sex and regular sex at just about every opportunity we had. She loved oral sex, when I ate her out, and I liked giving it to her doggy style the best. Her favorite time was an evening of 69ing! This continued on for 5 or 6 years and we are still best friends to this day.

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