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Age when it happend: 45
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I got married at 26. My first husband didn’t even like
kissing, let alone anything more. As a hot and sexy
Latina, I was frustrated through 17 years of marriage.

Now, with my second husband, everything is better. He
has got to be the most romantic, passionate, and erotic
man I have ever met, and I couldn’t be happier. I was 45
when I met him, and nearly a virgin (at 40, he WAS a
virgin when we met). Luckily, I still have my youthful
looks, including long, dark (almost black) hair, smooth
olive skin, and 36-C breasts.

On our second date, we were stranded when his car broke
down 40 miles from home. We worked together to get
ourselves home, and our teamwork got us both very attracted
to each other. Before going home that night, he gave me a
long, passionate, kiss in my garage, with plenty of tongue.
I was surprised that he felt this way about me, but soon I
desperately wanted that tongue on my lower set of lips.

On our next date, I got my chance. We went out dancing at
a club just 3 blocks from his house. We both enjoy ballroom
dancing, which is one of the things that brought us together
in the first place. When the dancing ended, I asked him to
take me to his home to talk and get to know each other even
better, and he agreed. He played some mellow jazz on his
stereo as we sat on his couch and talked. I slowly unbuttoned
my blouse, and he began licking and nibbling on my hard,
protruding nipples. He told me he always fantasized about
wide aeriolas, and as mine are two inches across and reddish
pink, he just got so eager with his kisses and his tongue.
As he kissed my breasts, I unbuttoned and took off his
shirt, revealing a smooth, well-developed, but not overly
muscular chest, which my hands began rubbing. Then he began
unfastening my skirt. I grabbed his hand, and we led each
other to his bed.

On the bed, he slid his long, thin middle finger, like the
hands of a pianist, deep in my dripping pussy, as his thumb
rubbed and pressed my throbbing clit. Soon, his tongue
joined his talented probing, exploring fingers.

His marvelous tongue, which had explored my mouth in my
garage on our last date, now rolled slowly across my
pussy lips, and licked at my love button. His teeth began
a very gentle nibbling, which surprisingly was not painful
at all. He told me he wanted only to please me, and for
someone with no previous experience, he did a terrific job.
He said he learned how to please a woman by reading
letters from women in Penthouse Forum, and watching
couples-oriented X-rated movies. I am grateful for being
the beneficiary of the education this gave him.

After I oozed into his mouth, moaning loudly and thrashing
uncontrallably on his bed, I unzipped his pants and returned
the favor. His cock was 7 inches long and about 3 inches
around, and very hard. As he slid it in and out of my hungry
mouth, his hips thrusting upward wildly as my head slid
down on him, he began stroking my hair, and I rolled my
tongue all around his throbbing manhood. As his delicious
juice began dribbling out of his tip, he stopped me, rolled me
onto my back, and began thrusting deep in my hungry pussy,
his tip rubbing against my magic button on each thrust.

We came simultaneously, and afterward, I discovered another
secret that has kept me happy for two years now: as we
held each other and calmed down, his now spent but still
hard cock began throbbing away deep inside me, pulsing once
for each beat of his heart. I don’t know how he does this,
and he claims it is involuntary, but that pulsing certainly
makes my tight little pussy ecstatically happy. I usually
respond by squeezing my pussy muscles tightly against his
rod, which makes him pulse even more strongly.

After we both relaxed, and slept in each other’s arms,
we got up and showered together. He lovingly soaped my
breasts, my ass, and my pussy while kissing me all over
(whenever he kisses my shoulders, I still melt), while the
shower gently sprayed over both of us. His arms wrapped
around my breasts from behind, as his cock throbbed against
my derriere, and he kissed his way down my back.

Another thing we both enjoy is, I lie on my left side,
and he lies behind me, rubbing his 7 hard inches against
the crack of my ass. His fingers then caress the crease
where my ass cheeks join my legs. He tells me that crease
is very sexy, and I’m so glad he thinks so. It takes about
20 minutes of this rubbing before he erupts all over my
backside. Meanwhile, he slides his middle finger in and
out of the depths of my femininity, making me very hot
and wet.

Or I will sit on top of him, with my legs straddling
either side of him, and slowly rock my pussy lips
across the length of his cock. We can keep this up for about
half an hour before his come oozes all over the outside of
my pussy lips. Sometimes from this position, he will
slide it in me, and grab my hips to push me up and down
on him, and give it to me very deeply as I drip pussy juice
all over him. He likes to kiss and squeeze my breasts,
and roll my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, as
I ride him into mutual orgasmic ecstasy.

Every birthday, and on other special occasions, my husband
buys me the most beautiful, lacy, and sexy lingerie.
I enjoy modeling it for him, and he enjoys slowly taking
it off me, or sometimes just kissing his way down my body
and making love to me without removing my lingerie at all.
After 2 years, the honeymoon continues just as passionately
as our first time, and I am building up a wonderful
wardrobe of silk and satin lingerie. He just makes me
feel so loved, special, and sexy, and I love making him
feel special, too. I buy him lots of sexy silk boxers
and manly robes, and I love slowly taking them off of him.
I love the feeling of going to work every morning, with his
full load deep inside of me. He says the taste of my pussy
lingers on his lips and tongue all day at work.

Who says you have to be under 20 to have a great
love life?

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