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Age when it happend: 40
Where it happened: mother in laws bed
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Hi this story is about the time I got the chance to fuck my dear old mother in law after my father in law died my mother in law stayed by her self in the same old farm house where she had lived for so many years she hated change so thats one reason she never left that home till she died years latter on .One time she called to ask me to come and spend the fourth of july with her up on my dead wifes old farm home so as I was just retired from working I packed my suit case and off I drove it was a good eight hour drive but all ways a fun ride lots of seenery along the way to look at lol .Finally the road to her home showed up off the main high way so I turned on to it then the two miles down that road to her home.When I got out of the car she was waiting on her front porch smilling and happy to see me back to her place . After a nice kiss she hugged me said come on in I just made a pot of coffee for us to drink so she poored us both a cup and she had some cake and donuts to nibble on so ate a few donuts I was a litle tired from the long rid so I said can I take a short nap as I m very tired as I had started out early that same morning . So of course she said go lay in her bed might just as well get used to it as thats where were both be sleeping to night lol so after a hours nap I got up feeling some better from the short rest .She was watching t v while I slept so she was not tired like I had been . Much latter on it was time to go to bed so she had all ready explained the sleeping aragenments so I thought what the hell she surtainly won’t try to rape me lol but we got undressed got in to bed she had on a night gown I jusy slept in my shorts she all was knew how I slept for years all ready Well in to bed we got she turned her back to me I said hey mom what are you doing how can your son in law kiss you good night if you turn your back on me like that so she said I thought you would not want to kiss your old wrinkled mother in lawloll .I said yes you have afew wrinkles so do I why not put our old wrinkles to gether so we both will sleep better .She laughed and said you real;ly love me enough to want to have sex witb your old mother in law .Well I nearly fainted but said I was going to try working the conversation around to that but theres no need now as you all ready made the offer .So what the hell if your able to get it wet then I am able to get a hard on to stick in to your wet love hole lol .That got her laughing so we fucked like kids slept like babys the next morning we fuck again she was great a litle dry in the pussie at first but with some tender loving hands she got more then wet enough for m,y cock to enter her old harry cunt it was a pleasure both for her and for me later on I tryed talking her in to leaving her place and come and live with me in my large old home but would you not hear of it so I said o k I will stay here in yours till your to tired to fuck me any more believe it or not she said do what ever pleases you stay or leave but not till I get my fill of that deliceus cock of yours thats how it ended for that trip we fucked a lot more but I did have to leave her and go back to my own home but I go back to fuck her as much as I can afford to drive there nd back thats my story for this time lol leon.

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