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lesbian at age 13

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Lesbian

i had started to masturbate at age 12 and was always thinking about sex with boys and what it would be like. my parents were very protective of me and upset me very much with they still had a baby sitter for me at age 13. Norma was 18 and a senior in high school and i liked her very much.i would always complain to norma that i was old enough to watch myself and i had nothing against her and she knew where i was coming from and always calmed me down when i complained about it. one night i asked norma if she had ever done it with a guy and she said lots of times. i told her i masturbated and thought about guys a lot and what sex would be like. i then asked her if she would tell me what sex is like with guys and how it felt. at that she just smiled and said lets go to your bedroom and talk about it and i’ll tell you everything. i was excited and we sat on my bed and i was all ears.she told me about giving guys hand jobs,blow jobs, and fucking with them . she told me how guys come and the white sperm that shoots from their cocks when they come. i was fascinated with her tales of sex. she also told me how great it felt when guys did things to her. i told Norma i just couldn’t believe that sex with a guy could feel better than masturbating myself.Norma then asked me if i wanted her to show me how much nicer it felt when someone else touched you instead of using my own hands to stimulate myself. Naturally i was excited and wanted to learn and told her ok show me and maybe i’ll believe you. she told me to take my clothes off which i eagerly did since i trusted her and she also took all of her clothes off. Norma had nice firm round tits compared to my small eggs and she had a full patch of dark hair around her pussy compared to my small patch. she told me to lay on my back and then she proceeded to touch my tits gently and tell me guys usually started out touching girls this way. i told her it felt kinda nice. Norma then bent down and said guys then start to do this to girls. she then proceeded to kiss my tits and nipples and flicking her tongue and sucking my nips. it started to feel real good and i noticed i was getting a little wettnes between my legs. then Norma said guys do this next while they are sucking your tits and she started to rub the outside of my pussy . i just moaned and said”Norma,oh god you were right, it does feel good and much better than me doing it to myself”. I just said wow, you’re right this sex touching is the best feeling i ever had and thought that that was all there was to sex. But Norma then said it even gets better and she stuck her finger in my cunt and started to move it in and out and round and round. She was right, it did get better and now i was really moaning and groaning and telling Norma not to stop. Norma wanted to stop and said she had never done this with any girl before but just wanted to show me what sex felt like. I begged her not to pull her hand out of my dripping cunt and said keep doing it please please, it feels so gooood. Norma said ok and said i would probably come. I didn’t know what she meant but she said just relax and i think i can make you come just like a guy can make a girl come. Norma continued to finger fuck me and i started to moan louder and louder and felt my entire body tingle. I started to hump my cunt into Norma’s hand as she continued to swirl her finger round and round and in and out of my soaked pussy. It finally happened and i came and came so good and my pussy was dripping and exploding all over Norma’s hand.Norma slowly brought me down with softer and slower hand movements as i sighed and shook all over. I told Norma that she was right and it felt much better when someone else touched me instead of me doing it alone. I said if thats what guys do to girls i could hardly wait to be with a guy. Norma said there was other things guys did to girls besides finger fuck them. Again i was confused and wondered what could be better than what Norma just did to me. I asked Norma to show me and she hesitated and didn’t want to but i begged her to show me everything. she agreed and told me to spread my legs which i did. When Norma put her head in my crotch i was shocked and thought she was playing a joke on me and said whoa wait a minute whats going on. but when i felt her tongue licking my clit i froze and then totally relaxed as Norma slurped all over my cunt with her lips and tongue.it felt even better than Norma’s hand on my pussy. the feeling started to come back around my cunt and my womanhood started to oze with wetness again. I was starteing to build up to another orgasm as Norma called it. Norma just kept licking and sucking all ove my pussy and it was feeling better and better.I grabbed Norma’s head and drove it into my pussy and started to rotate my hips and cunt on her mouth and tongue. I was now moaning and groaning and yelling don’t stop don’t stop, I want to come again. and then it happened again and i came and came and came. Luckly no one was in then house because when i peaked at my second orgasm i just screamed out loud “oh my god,oh my god, i’m coming again, oh my god, ooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh what a feeeeling”. I slowly came out of it and let Norma continue to lightly flick her tongue on my cunt as the feeling subsided.Norma got up and wiped her face and just continued to smile at me and said thats what guys usually do to girls and thats how it usually feels.I thanked Norma for telling me everything and showing me how it feels when someone else touches you.I asked Norma if she wanted me to do all the same things to her and she said no because she could get the same thing from her boyfriend. I then thanked her again. wouldn’t you know it, after that night, my parents felt I was old enough to baby sit myself and never asked Norma to babysit me again.That was fine with me as I then always had guys over when my parents went out and i finally got initated to sex with guys. Even though the sex with guys was alright and some of them would make me come now and then, it was never as good as the first time with Norma. I have even been fucked with a cock,,fingered by a guy, and eaten out by guys and it never felt as great as it did when Norma made me come. I can’t say why but Norma’s teaching me about sexual feelings was the greatest orgasms i have ever had in my life.Even though I have never been with another woman since Norma and am now married, I still think about being with another woman some day just to see what it would be like again. My final message to any females reading this is to sometime in your life to try and have sex with another female. It was one of the most incredible experiences in my sexual life and i have never since had such an earth shattering orgasm.I can;t promise you a wonderful orgasm like i had, but the chances are you will enjoy it and it will be quite different and pleasing. as i close this letter, i am moist you know where and since my husband is still at work, I am going to rub my clit and cunt until i come and think about my old babysitter Norma and have myself a wonderful orgasm. thanks for reading my story.

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