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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

I was 17 yrs old when I had my first lesbian encounter. My introduction to this happened at my friend’s house, Wendy.
Wendy was 17 too. I had an idea that Wendy was a lesbian because she always liked to look at other girls and made a few comments about them. I was spending the night with Wendy and her folks were gone for the night. We had rented some movies and ordered pizza. Once we settled in, Wendy said, “hey, Amy, how about having a little drink?” I had had a few drinks before that night and wanted to be like her, so I said, “sure”. Wendy got up and poured us both a drink . It was a sweet drink, so I found myself slurping it up pretty fast. Wendy was soon up fixing a second for both of us. We had gotten pretty giggly by that time and I needed to pee. Wendy followed me to the bathroom and was talking and giggling about the movie. I finished up and began to stand when Wendy knelt down and pushed her face to my crotch. I guess it was the alcohol but I did not resist her as I slid my shorts to the floor. Wendy looked at me and said, “come to my bed with me, Amy”. I followed her without resistance. Once in her bed and naked, Wendy lost all her inhibitions as she showed me that she could give me pleasure. She was gentle our first time as she kissed me deeply and whispered how much she wanted to make me feel good. She licked her way to my tits. She sucked on my nipples till I thought I would go crazy and told me how much she had always wanted to do that and would think of this every time she saw me. She continued downward to my pussy and she nibbled, licked, sucked and finger fucked me to a couple of orgasms. I was soaked. She got up and came back with a dildo she got from her mom’s room. She told me that she wanted to see how I would be with a dick. She showed me the dildo and it had straps on it. She put the dildo on and licked me till I was wet again. She climbed ontop of me and put the dildo in my pussy. It hurt. She just kept pushing it in me. It hurt till she got me used to it. I know the alcohol we drank helped me with accepting the dildo. Amy started to slam her hips into me then and really fuck me with the dildo. She talked to me the whole time by telling me that she was getting what she wanted and wanted me.She said she only wanted to keep doing this to me. And could not wait till the next time. I was secretly thrilled hearing that Wendy wanted me again after today because I thought this was absolutely wonderful sex, especially after she got the dildo. Amy had me to turn over and get on my hands and knees and she rode me doggy style for a while until I was screaming with an orgasm. Wendy told me, “yeah, baby, come for me, fuck my big dick for me and give me your pussy, give it all to me….” Hearing those words helped push me to my orgasm. When I finally fell face first into the bed and sighed, Wendy pulled the dildo out of my pussy and unbuckled it from around her waist, and she turned me onto my back and straddled me. I could see the pink folds of her pussy and having never tasted a pussy, I was eager to tounge it. I stuck my tounge out and licked it while Wendy moaned her instructions. “yes,Amy, suck it harder, stick your tounge inside of me….lick, lick,…..oooooh yes……suck me harder now, harder….ooooooo baby……it is sooooooo good……suck my pussssssyyyyyy……..” Wendy ground her pussy into my face, I could see her riding me, and pulling her own nipples way out from her chest. She climbed off of me before she came and told me to strap the dildo on and fuck her good. I put the dildo on and she leaned over the side of the bed and spread her legs and said, “give it to me hard Amy”. I walked up behind her and inserted the tip of the dildo into her pussy and shoved it in hard like she said….”ooooo….yes,….keep fucking me hard…….the harder, the better, baby”…I slam fucked her as hard as I could and she seemed to enjoy every stroke of it. I knew then that this was not her first time fucking. I was into it and said” take it Wendy, take my dick up your wet cunt, fuck me back” I grabbed her hips for leverage and fucked her till she cried out”Yes……I’m cumming…..” She pushed back at me and it was hard to hold onto her hips while she came. We pulled apart and lay on the bed to rest. Wendy smiled at me and said, “did you enjoy that Amy?”….yes, I did, and I am glad to say, that at 19, now, Wendy and I get together for sex at least twice a week. When we are not together, we are using our fingers or a dildo on ourselves. This was was first lesbian sex, but not my last…………

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