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Lesbian Roomates

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My Kitchen (apartment)
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

When I was in college I had the sexiest room mate ever. We shared an apartment
about a mile from school. She was 5’7, brown eyes, brown hair, and the most beautiful body.
It started out as us just being friends. We shared everything together.
We came back from a party late one night. We both had a couple of drinks
but we weren’t drunk.I went into the kitchen to cut an orange for the two of us. I knew she was
this big sex addict and she had a lot of play toys. I was rather horny that night.
I stood in the kitchen cutting oranges while she got the movies she picked out ready. I went and
sat down on the cold leather couch in our living room. She was wearing a tight white
T-shirt and a pair of tight blue boxers. I was wearing a dress from the party. It was real short and tight.
I could tell she was horny, but I didnt say anything because I was too. She turned on the movie and sat
down real close. I started sucking my orange, aware she was watching. The movie I had just realized was a
Porn. She was getting hot as the movie was on and her watching me and my orange. The next thing I knew, her
hand was between my legs. It felt so nice. I looked up at her and she kissed me. Her lips were so sweet.
Her warm mouth tasted good. She got up and went to her bedroom. She came back with a strap on. When she
sat down again, I put my hand on her breasts. They were nice and firm. She ripped off my dress and I ripped
off her shirt. I licked her nipples and could feel myself getting wet. Slowly i traveled down to her thigh. I
teasingly licked the inside of her leg. She took off her boxers to reveal a pair of wet, silk panties.
She started to feel my breasts. I put my mouth on her groin and with my teeth pulled down her panties.
The instant smell of her wet pussy was such a turn on. I took off my bra and felt the cold couch on my nipples.
I slowly licked the outside of her pussy lips. She laid back and played with my tits. I took an orange and
rubbed it around her cunt. She started breathing heavily. I started to lick her pussy and fucking her with my tongue.
I licked it all around and felt her start to move around. I took my hand and got as many fingers as I could into her warm, wet
hole. I felt her tighten. I moved in and out and licked furiously. She wrapped her legs around my head and started trembling.
She shook so much. I felt her release and lay back as she came on my hand and in my mouth. She got up and strapped on the dildo.
I could smell the scent in the air. I put my hand on her still wet pussy and started to masturbate her. She moaned and licked my
cunt. It felt so good. She looked at the TV and pulled a move from the movie. She put the dildo between my legs. I wrapped my legs
around her back. She slowly started moving in and out. She leaned down and licked my tits. I held on to her tight ass. She sighed loudly
as I clutched to her butt. I started to shake so much. Just as I was about to cum, she took off the dildo and started to lick
my cunt. It felt so good. I screamed as she made me orgasm. We were both still horny. She kissed me and I could taste my pussy.
I licked her again getting off all the juices from her thigh. It was now around 1 AM. We went to the shower and washed each other.
There I layed down on the floor and she thrusted her whole hand inside of me. It hurt and at the same time it felt to fucking good.
We were done then, and we went to bed. I have never had a man that good. The expierence between the two sexes is so more delicate with
another woman. I shared this story with my husband and he hired a foreign maid to tape us having lesbian encounters. The poor thing
dosen’t know that maids are for serving and not sex. I don’t care though, I’m having the best sex life ever!

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