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Where it happened: My Bedroom
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Category: Straight

Me and my best friend Cassy were really close. We knew we’d always be there after all the hard times, and the boyfriends. Which is why it was so special that we shared our first time together.

We were alone at my house dishing on all the guys at school and talking about how much guys sucked when out of nowhere she asked, “Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to kiss a girl?”. I wasn’t really sure how to answer her, I mean I’d had a dream once where I had kissed another girl, but its not like I actually fantasized about it. Before I had time to reply she quickly leaned over and kissed me. She backed off and looked into my eyes. She then kissed me again, only this time forced her tounge into my mouth. I didn’t back away, but I didn’t kiss back. All of a sudden I felt this lust between us and started kissing her back. She pushed me back on my bed so I was laying down and she was on top of me. She lifted my shirt off me and unhooked my bra. Cassy started licking and sucking my tits, and her hand caressing each and every part of my body, making me so hot. She got undressed and pulled my jeans and panties off and moved down to my pussy. She looked up at me and said, “God, I’ve dreamt about this pussy for the longest time, I can’t believe I’m going to get a taste of it.” and then fiercely attacked my pussy. I pushed her head hard against my pussy, trying to get her closer. I was on fire, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. Just when I was about to reach an orgasm she stopped and climbed back up my body and kissed me. I could taste myself on her tounge. She was rubbing herself against my clit and I swear I went over the edge a hundred times.

After that I did the same to her. She was much louder than me, moaning and groaning, I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t come over to see what was going on. After about a couple of hours of repeated love making it was time for her to go home so we had to stop.

We both are bi, so after that we used to have threesums with my boyfriend Ryan. Granted I love having sex with Ryan, because there were things that Cassy just can’t do that he can, but that first time was the best time I’ve ever had.

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