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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: In Our Oldmobile
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I met Vance at church and we developed a friendship while he
was in love with a girl he had met while he was in another state.
They had a long distance relationship while he would hang
out with my room mate and I. She was really pretty so I
always thought he liked her. (No, she wasn’t involved in our first time!)
Well, turns out he flirted with her because he liked me. Anyway,
we expressed an interest in
each other and decided to get married two months later. We were
both raised to believe that premarital sex was unforbidden so
that influenced our decision to get married so soon.
He tried to have sex with me one time before the big day but I
pushed him away. He was always such a horn dog, even when he was little.
So, after the ceremony we had to do the whole family lunch thing.
As the whole family (about 15 people) sat around the round table,
he kept reaching up my dress and going right for my wet, untouched cunt.
I kept pulling his hand away just because I was emberrassed but I loved
having him touch me there. Especially since I never really masterbated.
The lunch was a blur and we just wanted to get out of there to fuck each others
brains out. Finally we get in his (now our) Oldsmobile and head off
to Monterey for our honeymoon. I asked him if I could touch his dick
and I did through his pants. It was a lot bigger than I thought it
would be. I’d seen guys in pornos but I thought those guys got the
job for being extra big. He was flattered that I thought it was so huge.
It was really akward at first because I didn’t know to not be so gentle.
It was fun to have him instruct me. Well, we got each other so hot that
we didn’t see the point in waiting for the motel. We pulled off onto some
highway and I broke out the condum and put it on his rock hard cock.
I lifted my dress and straddled him and put him inside me. I was so wet
that it didn’t hurt. I couldn’t believe how great it felt! It was like
a powerful energy even though I didn’t cum. It seemed like
it took only a few thrusts before he came. I told him he had a funny look
on his face while he was cumming! Not too romantic but memorable.
When we got to the motel, we must have fucked three more times until
HE couldn’t do it. Our sex has definitely improved since then and I’m glad
both our first times were in the back seat of our Oldsmobile.

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