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Lisa Liked It From Behind

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Lisa's bed
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Yes; I was twenty and still learning things about sex. I’d had several girl friends by then that “put out” but it had always been me on top or them on top as well as lots of hand jobs. Then, along came this girl named Lisa. It was our second time to “do it” and we were at her apartment and in her bed room. We’d been rolling around in bed making out with each other when it came time to get it on. This was when it happened.

Lisa flipped over on her hands and knees and moved to the edge of her bed. She looked at me laying there with a big hard cock waiting and said “Why don’t you get up and come into me from behind”. I’d never came close to doing something like this before but it sounded like it would feel good. So, I jumped up and got behind Lisa and took my cock running the head of it along Lisa’s pussy lips. I then got right where I knew the opening was to her vagina and I pushed. In my cock went and it felt different but so good. I went all the way into her and then started going back and forth. In and out. What a view it was from behind her! And, the feel of her butt and hearing the slapping of flesh as my hips bottomed out when I went in her and the ripples of soft female flesh moving across her ass really was getting to me. I also felt so nasty like doing it like this like an animal. I grabbed her hips and plunged in and out real hard feeling that wonderful feeling of cumming coming over me. When it hit me, I plunged my cock in all the way deep into Lisa’s pussy and “shot my rocks”. It felt so good that my knees were weak.

When I pulled out of her and looked down, I saw that the tip on my condom couldn’t hold all the cum I had turned loose in it. It was totally full. When I removed the condom, I held it up and saw that my cum was filling the whole end. I knew then that this real entry thing really did feel good. I hadn’t cum like that since getting my first pussy. I “did it” like this every chance I could ever since.

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