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Little Bird

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had a friend named Robert who had two sisters. He was 15 like I was. His older sister Becky was 16 and his younger sister Robin was 13. We had grown up together so I had known them all our lives.

I thought of the girls more as sisters and friends rather than girlfriends. Becky was quite cute and well developed and her sister Robin had started to develop and had a pretty good body.

One day I was driving around after school and I saw Robin (the 13 year old) walking on the side of the road. Robin saw me too and waved me down. She said she had to stay after school for detention and had missed the bus. It was about 8 miles to her house and she knew she would get in trouble for being so late. She ask if I would give her a ride home. I jokingly said “yeah, but it’s gonna cost you”. She said “how much” and I said ” what got?” She thought for a few seconds, then smiled and said “How about a blow job”. This completely floored me and all I could was stammer a OK.

Robin got in and we started toward her house. I kept quiet and pondered for a few minutes as we drove. She changed the radio and was acting like she always had, so I thought her offer was a joke.

As we turned onto her road, she looked at me and ask what I thought about her offer. I told her I thought she was joking. I then said “You’re only 13, how do you know about blowjobs?” She said she had seen her mom giving her dad one night, then she said “And, I’ve watched Becky, (her sister) giving Billy (her boyfriend) a couple. I would hide in the closet and watch through the slats” She then said that she wasn’t as innocent as I might think.

After she said this, my head saw spinning and I really didn’t know what to think or do. After all, my sex life up to this point consisted of jacking off and trying to sneak a peek of whatever I could.

Once we got to her house we made some small talk, then she got out of the car. She closed the door and then started for the house. I thought the whole thing had been a big joke until she turned and said that she couldn’t pay me unless I came inside. I got out and she said to grab my book bag so we say I was helping with her homework. I grabbed it and followed her inside. At this point I was a puppy and would do anything she and my hard-on told me to.

When we got inside, she got us something to drink and we sat on the couch and talked, I think. After a few minutes she said it was time for my payment and gave me a kiss. I stammered something like “whatta you want me to do” She said to just sit back on the couch and she would take care of things. By this time, my hard-on was bunched up in my underwear and straining to be moved or relieved.

Robin gave me another kiss then got down between my legs. She stroked the outside of my pants for a minute, then undid the snap and pulled the zipper down. She pulled my pants and underwear down, then she sat and looked and stroked my dick for a minute. Robin moved her head closer and blew on my dick. I thought I would pass out. She did this for a minute, then suddenly opened her mouth and just about swallowed my whole dick. I gasped, moaned, and arched my back. Robin then started bobbing up and down.

I could only stand it for about 2 minutes until I came. Robin didn’t swallow, but she did get it on her face and in her hair. I was completely drained. Robin sat there for a minute stroking my dick as I tried to recover.

About then, we heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway. Robin ran to the kitchen to clean up and I ran to the bathroom. She later told me I looked hilarious as I ran to the bathroom, as my pants and underwear were still around my feet. I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes and heard Ruthie’s mom come in. Robin told her I had given her a ride home and was helping her with her homework. By now, my dick had recovered and shrunk down so I stuffed it in my pants, wiped off the drops of cum, and came out of the bathroom. Robin smiled and told me thanks for the ride home and for the help with her homework. I muttered something, and then left.

The next day I realized I had left my book bag at her house. I couldn’t do anything till after school, and I ended up getting detention for not having my stuff. Oh well, the reward WAS worth the crime. After I got out of detention, I drove over to their house. I thought about Robin and wondered if we might repeat. When I got there, I met her mom at the door. She said Robin was gone to a friends house. She said the book bag was up in the girls room where Becky was doing homework. She then left to run to the store. I went in and called Hello. Becky yelled down come on up. I went up and Becky was sitting at her desk doing her homework. She said that Robin had told her that I was helping her with her Health homework. I said yeah, but I had forgotten my bag..

I sat on the end of the bed and we talked for about 15 minutes. She was working on a math problem and couldn’t get the right answer, so I got up and looked over her shoulder to see if I could help. Actually, I was trying to look at her wonderful breasts, since she was better in math than I was. I stared down her dress onto those beautiful full orbs for several minutes as we worked through the problem. I then sat back down on the bed and looked at her, but was quiet.

Something then caused me to say to her “I understand you give pretty good blowjobs”. She turned and looked at me and was blushing a whole lot. “Who told you that” she said. I told her a little bird told me. She glared at me for a minute, and I thought she was going to get mad and throw me out. She ask again who had said that, but I didn’t tell. She then said that I would have to decide for myself if they were good or not. This completely threw me for a loop. I was expecting a slap and now I was offered another blowjob. As she said that, she got up from the chair and came over to the bed. She said that if she did this for me, that I must never tell anyone. Of course, I agreed. (And until now, I haven’t).

Becky reached down and undid my pants and had me slide them off. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and kneeled down between my legs. Like Robin, she started with a stroke and a little kiss. Becky’s technique was a lot more advanced than her younger sisters. She kissed and licked and stroked my balls. I was in heaven. She did this for a couple of minutes.

At some point I laid back on the bed. A minute later Becky had repositioned herself so that she was beside me with her head down between her legs. She was bobbing up and down and I could feel the cum starting to build. She could tell that so she took my dick out of her mouth and blew and kissed for a bit. I rolled my head and looked at her legs. I was feeling very brave at this point so I ran my hand up her dress and onto her panties. She gasp and kept going. Her panties were wet, and since I wasn’t told to stop, I continued to rub. She must of liked it because she then moved her body so that her legs were straddling her head. I continued to rub her pussy through her panties, then I pulled the leg elastic to expose my first pussy!!!!! It was wonderful. I played with the very wet opening for a moment, then put a finger in. When I did this, she moaned and deep-throated me. I thought I would come, and was getting pretty close. I finger-fucked her for a minute while she continued with the blowjob.

All of a sudden she rolled off and off the bed. She stood up and said that I had had enough of a blowjob to know if it was a good one. I thought she was going to leave me hanging and in pleasuregony when she then straddled my legs with my dick standing straight up and throbbing. Becky reached under her skirt and moved her panties to one side then lowered herself onto my dick. She was so wet that I went in without any hesitation. It was so hot and slippery that I gasped and reached up and clutched her. She came forward and gave me a deep kiss while continuing to fuck me with her magnificent pussy. I couldn’t take much more and in just a minute I erupted in her. She continued to rock her hips and squeeze me dry.

We laid there and caught our breaths. She said “Well, was that a good blowjob?” All I could do was shake my head yes. We kissed some more and had some small talk. As my dick relaxed, it finally slid out of her pussy with a little plop. Becky smiled at me and said that was good too. She then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back, I was still lying on the bed. She reached down and gave my dick a little kiss and said I needed to get cleaned up also. I tried to talk her into some more, but she laughed and said that I had already gotten more than I had come over for. I had to agree.

I never was able to repeat anything with either either Becky or Robin, but have remained friends with them. Maybe I’ll give them a call and see if they remember when…..

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