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little brother love

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my brother's bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had always known that my little brother was hot. He is two years younger than me so the first time we fucked he was sixteen. It was his first time too. It all started because I caught him jacking off to a porn in his room. I saw through the door that it was of a girl sucking off a guy. My brother was really going at it, and when he came I couldn’t beleive how hard he had gotten. I was really hot from watching him, so I walked into his room. He was embarrassed and yelled for me to get out, but I asked him if he would like me to do to him what the woman in teh video was doing. He slowly opened his door again. I told him to wait a minute, and I went and found one of my mother’s teddys and put it on. When I came back to his room his cock was hard again and I told him how wet he made me. Then he took my head and brought it down on his cock. I sucked him for 15 minutes until he came and I swallowed every drop. I told hi that I was so horny and that he was either going to have to finger me or fuck me right then, because I just couldn’t take it. He flipped me onto the bed and started to suck my tits. By this time my pussy was going crazy, so I grabbed his dick and shoved him right in. He rode me for 20 minutes before I came. We fucked three more times that day, and now I sneek into his room almost every so I can suck him and feel his cock inside of me.

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