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Little Dori

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was sleeping over my friends house one night and me and my friend decided to sneak some beer from the parents fridge. After about 3 beers I had to pee and went down the hall to bathroom. It was pretty late, so I didn’t even bother to check to see if someone was in there – so I opened the door. To my surprise I saw my friends little sister Dori sitting on the toilet – shoving her fingers in and out of her bald twat!

She was surprise at first but then she whispered ‘close the door’. I shut the door behind me and asked her what she was doing. She looked kind of embarassed and tried to pull her nightshirt down. I told her it was ok to be horny and that I was horny too. She looked down at my shorts and saw my raging boner sticking out.

I asked her if she ever saw a dick before and she said no, so I pulled my shorts down to my knees exposing my throbbing cock. By this time I was horny and kind of drunk from the beer. She looked scared. I told her that she had to suck my cock or I’d tell her brother that I caught her jerking off and that everyone in school would know she was a slut. She wimpered a little and shoved by boner into he tight little mouth. She choked on it for a second but then seemed to enjoy it.

Her mouth felt really good around my cock, but what I really wanted to try was fucking. My friend and I had been sucking eachother off for almost a year but I never felt what it was like to sink my cock into a pussy.

I told her to stand up and bend over the sink and she eagerly obeyed. She pushed her little ass out a little and I slid by rock hard cock into her tight pussy. Her pussy was still dripping we from when she was fingering herlself. I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy and she let out a moan…just then the door opened – it was her brother and my best friend matt.

Matt said that he could hear us and that we should go to the family room. I thought he meant just me and Dori, but Matt followed.

When we got to the family room, Matt pulled Dori’s nightshirt off – then I realized – Matt and Dori had done this before. Then Matt pulled off my shorts and kneeled in front of me. He took my boner into mouth and started sucking up and down on it. At the same time, Dori grabbed his cock and started sucking on it .

I laid down and Matt continued to suck on my throbbing boner while Dori went back to work on his. Dori pushed her ass near my face so I spread her legs and start to lick her hairless hole.

Just then I felt something new, Matt had taken his mouth off my cock and was licking me between my balls and ass. Then he starting licking my asshole directly. The sensation was wonderful.

Then Dori said ‘do you think he’ll let you fuck him now?’. Apparently, he and Dori had talked about this. After further querying I found out that Dori had been sucking on Matt’s dick for almost a year, but wouldn’t fuck her because that would be incest. Matt also had told her that he was in love with me and wanted to fuck me but was afraid to ask.

I told Matt that he could fuck me if I could fuck his little sister. He said OK, but you first. Matt started lubing up his cock with vaseline lip balm.

I got on my hands and knees. Dori started jerking my cock while Matt got behind me. Slowly he pushed his cock into my ass. The feeling was incredible. As he was doing that, Dori got underneath me and starting sucking my raging hard on. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot a huge load into Dori’s mouth. At the same time Matt came in my ass.

It was great. Me Dori and Matt have been doing it ever since.

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