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Little Fuckers are the BEST

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Some old hay barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Seen it all done it all with every kind of boy man and woman. So with all of that experience behind me. What is the best? Black white Asian old young tall short anal straight and gay. Consider every possible situation I have been in most. The worst sex is airplane sex at thousands of feet in a little room in a twisted position. Almost equal to the worst sex is from old woman who is only interested in Her self and leaves you tired and flustered thinking her saggy ass was worth you eating her out . She does nothing for you in return. A lesbo bitch is not worth answering the phone. The best sex is for sure when the person is in love with you. Hands down there are good lovers of all kinds and ages. When they love you . They find out what makes you tick and they satisfy you. The dick pussy finger or toy is worthless when the connected human in control of it, isn’t reading your every blink moan and desire. A soft touch on my face is preferred to the biggest cock thrusting in wild furry. My first time was from a young little boy who worshipped the air I breathed. He loved me in his heart like crazy. He was my Jewish neighbor and I watched him play baseball . He was not very good but I cheered him on and he got better and tried harder. I was 13 and he was younger. He was innocent and never said any thing to me that wasn’t nice. I was getting busty fast at 13 and was not dressing very modest . We were playing catch and a ball he threw clobbered me in the in the C cup. I was young and tender and it hurt. He ran in his house and got a bag of ice and lifted my top and took of my bra as I was crying and iced me. His father was brother to the Rabi and saw what was happening and commended him . I was a white polish girl and not Jewish . He held me in his arms with one hand holding an ice bag on me and I felt his love. He told me I was beautiful . He put down the ice bag and felt me both sides asked me to forgive him . I asked him to kiss me and he did while holding me. He had my heart and I his. Our parents forbid us to be more than friends. He and I would hold hands and look in to each others eyes. Our world changed when one of the olderboys left a hustler magazine and we looked it over on the way back to our house. Our eyes were open and we ended up exploring each other that evening in my basement family room. His only goal was to make me feel good. It was not even his goal to have sex. When I asked him to lay on me he focused on my face and prevented him self from insertion. I think I will like it if you put it in me was all I had to say . It was not super tight and it never was real painful. He made love to me for a long time. We didn’t know much and both of us agreed to stop and neither of us orgasmed. For a first with our age it was good. I had to tell my family and they kept it hush hush. It was a long time before I was trusted out of her sight . I still saw my friend but I was never alone with him. Girl sleep overs became very sexual as my friends became active . My parents walked in on a group of us just girls and they saw first hand how the absence of boys ment nothing. The very next day they let me see my young Jewish boy friend unsupervised . I think we made love all day . He was now a master at reaching orgasm and getting me to orgasm by that evening. He would withdraw as a birth control method and we were lucky. I was placed in a work program for the summer and I had sex with all who asked maybe 20 boys and girls the 100 days of summer. Two a day was normal as lunch break was not for eating. It was not love but sex. My Jewish lover was gone by summers end and I miss him today. It was two years before I found my second true love . I had sex with so many people before I found him. Looking back being easy was ruining my life. I had old men and big cocks in every hole but was not satisfied. This boy also was in love and he worshipped me. He was two years younger and had the smallest male member. Yet I savored every minute with him . It never was about him. I was afraid to loose him and I almost went overboard. I bought him a car on his 16 th birthday. His mother found me in his room cleaning it and putting his cloths away before he got home. I helped him with his home work and took him lunch at school. It was seven months we dated before I let him make love to me. I saw the love he had for me and didn’t want to spoil it on frivolous sex. He told me before we made love there will never be another woman. I felt so special in his arms. I closed my legs to everyone else since him and have never been sorry. I like sex, I do. It doesn’t compare with true love. Please look beyond the race and penis size. Now in my twentys only he my boyfriend matters and I’m all that matters to him. Learn from my mistakes.

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