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Little sister

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

In my family, My mom, dad, me and my little sister. Just four of us in a big bungalow. My little sister is very cute as many people come to my house said “oh look at Mr Parker’s kid, they are so cute” well, i know that i am also cute because in school, girls are really like my face and many people said im cute. So, back to story, my parent are out to town. So, i was in my room at that time. I was thinking to watch porn. While i wait the site to load, my sister knocked on my door. I didnt close the browser and just opened the door. My sister came in to asked question about her school homework. Then, she noticed naked picture in my PC. She asked me “Why that people naked?” Then i thought to my self, its ok if i just teach her some about sex. Then i said to her “Its what grown up people do. They have sex. like mom and dad.” At that time i started to think dirty. So i unzip my pants, and bring out my dick which at the time my dick already hard to become 5 inch. I told her while showing my dick ” this is penis and it will go into vagina like yours”. At first she was little shock seen my penis for the first time with all my bush all around my penis. Then she ask “Can i touch it?” So, i let her touched my dick. she touched and playing with it with curiosity. She playing with my bush and my balls. It was awesome letting her playing my dick for the first time. Then i asked her, “do you want me to teach you all the action in the internet?” she said yes. Well she was a curious little girl. Then i lay down on my bed and asked her to suck my dick. She did put my dick in her mouth but dint suck it up. So i told her, “just pretending my dick as a lollipop”. And i felt very pleasure when she really sucking and play her tongue with my dick. Like pro. I asked her “What does it tasted like”. She said a little bit sour but she like the softness of my dick skin. I told her to stop before i feel want to cum. Then i asked her to take her clothes off. We both naked in my room. So, i licked up her pussy and she moaned pleasure. She said it was a little bit tickle. Then, i began to rub my dick on her pussy. I then start to push inside, It was so tight. And she said “ouch, its hurt”. Then i kiss her mouth to make her shut up, and push a little bit harder. I success to get into her vagina. And i know that i just broke her virgin. Then i feel something flows around my dick and it is blood. I felt very guilty at that time. All my dick in her vagina now. But i just lay down there kissing her mouth and put my tongue in her mouth while my dick in her vagina. i then start to fuck her gently. While i’m pulling, she moaned, and i push back, she moaned again. Sometimes she screamed a little. I think she was feel the pleasure. Then i pull her body up and she is on top. So i told her to move her body forward and backward. It was so good when her vagina rub my dick and her ass rub my balls. Then i ask her to turn around while keeping my dick stays inside her. Then i get up and start to do doggy style. This time i was a little bit faster because it was so good. I felt like to cum but i stop fucking and stay in her vagina still in doggy style. I hugged her from back. Then i put her left leg in between of my legs. I sat on her left leg and fuck her. This time i fuck hard because i feel want to cum and she screamed in pain but also in pleasure. i cum in her and continue fuck her about 2 minutes more after i cum(non stop). i dont know where i got the energy from. All my sperm are over my ball and her pussy. i cum too much i think. But i still stay in her even my dick softened. i hugged her and rest on her for about 15 minutes. i still did not take out my dick out of her vagina. She also tired and she just lay down there and close her eyes. We stay like that for about 10 minutes more and she suddenly remember about her homework. So we cleaned up together in bathroom and then i teach her doing homework while we both naked in my room. That night, she sneaked up into my room and we fucked again. We slept together until morning while keeping my dick in her pussy all night long. We keep doing since then until she had her first period. Then, i stop fucked her and now we are acting like those never happened before and we are like a happy siblings ever. Furthermore, now i got my GF to fuck every time i want.

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