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Living room floor

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Living room floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Believe it or not my first sex was with a girl whose father asked me to deflower her.
If you don’t believe it, what the hell, I probably wpouldn’t either. But since it did happen to me I figure I’ll tell the story and let you decide.
I have to start by saying that I am a very skillfull electrician. My father is an electrical contractor and when I was real little he used to let me watch him work, and explain what he was doing and then as I got bigger he would let me help him, first with little things,then bigger and bigger things until now at 17 I can handle just about any kind of electrician job.
Well, this professor, Dr. Wilson, bought this big old house next door, I mean BIG and OLD. It was what they call Victorian, I guess because it was built when she was queen or something.
Anyway,he came over and ssked my dad if he would take the job of re-wiring the house since the wiring was so very old. Dad said he would be glad to except he had two other jobs he was working on and he couldn’t spare any men. Then he said, “But my son could do it for you. He is only 17 but he is a fully competent electrician. So the Prof. said OK and the next day we went over to look over the job and the Prof’s daughter was there, Gladys. She was his only child and he didn’t have a wife. I never asked what happened to her.
Well, so my dad made a list of all the stuff I would need and said he would buy it for the Prof, and he gave me an outline of what I should do and wished me luck.
This was in June and vacation had just started so I had everyday free to work over there, which I did and Gladys was always there to watch me and ask questions and offer to help me any way she could. She is a pretty girl, 16 years old, rather quiet and shy but she was very friendly with me.
So anyway I finished the job in six weeks and not to brag but I did a good job on it,. Dad came over and inspected it and said I did just right.
So that evening the Prof asked me to come over and I did and he told me he would like to pay me for my work but my dad had said he couldn’t because I wasn’t licensed and it would cause trouble with the union. But Prof. Wilon said if I would just pull up a few weeds in the back yard, he could pay me for my yard work. So I did, and he gave me a check for $200.
Then he said, I would like to ask one other favor of you. I would greatly appreciate it if you would deflower my daughter.
At that Gladys said Oh daddy, and buried her face in her hands and I could see she was red as a beet. The best I could do was a loud HUH?
He explained that he knew fathers were supposed to try to protect their daughter’s virginity, but he was being realistic. He said Glady was a healthy young woman and well passed puberty so her body was now asking for what it was made for, and he knew she must be feeling sexual yearnings and he didn’t want her to fall victim to some jerk who would consider her just another conquest.
He said he could see I was a fine young man and would treat Gladys with respect and not boast about deflowering her, and he could see that Gladys liked me so he was sure she would not object if I did as he asked. At this Gladys blushed even harder but didn’t object.
So the Prof asked if I would agree, and I said If that’s what Glady would like and the Prof brught out a package of condoms and said Fine, I’ll leave it to you two, just please always use one of these.
Then he left and I stood up and asked Gladys, Well, do you want to do what he asked? And she looked up and said, Oh YES, and jumped into my arms.
So then I was holding her and she was kissing me like crazy and I was kissing her back and then we got down on the floor and she said Oh put one of those things on, please, put it on and let’s do it.
So I put on a condom while she was pulling off her dress and her bra and her panties.
Then she laid down and spread her legs wide apart and said The hell with foreplay, just give it to me So I put it in her, and she was quite tight but damp as she had been rubbing herself a lot and I got it all the way in and broke her cherry and she said Oh thank God. And we went on to have real good sex,and we both climaxed and then we went up to her bedroom to do it again taking more time.
And since then, well, we’ve been doing it every chance we could get, and she asked her dad to get her on the pill so we would not have waste time with those stupid condoms, so he did.
And now, you know what — she has taken to going around without any panties, wearing short skirts and she keeps finding reasons to bend over, so I can give it to her from behind.
I don’t mind this, in fact I think it’s great. But I am going to have to convince her not to do this when school starts next week.

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