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Locker room

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Girls Locker room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was at one of the cheerleaders last games of the season.
I came to them all, My name is adam.
My G/F Rachel and I have been going out for
the last two years. After the game I went to
congradulate Rachel but She didn’t come out
of the locker room.
All the other cheerleaders had already left.
I went in the locker room making
very sure no one else saw me, because i could easily be suspended but i didn’t care.
I saw Rachelstill in here uniform her back against me.
She didn’t know I was in the locker room.
I said good cheering you looked hot.
She blushed and asked what are you doing
in here? I said you Didn’t come out so i was worried.
HOw sweet she said. and she walked toward
me. by now i was growing hard but she didn’t notice
because i was wearing fly ass baggy jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt,
With the silver watch she gave me for my B-day. She came
closer to me feeling me up i looked down at her
since i’m 5’11 and shes 5’1. I put my arms around her,
feeling further and further down. She told me to stop
an lock the door first. Making sure it was loccked.
I asked her why she didn’t change yet? She said
because i had a feeling you would come in. I
stood there and stared at her petite young body.
She asked me what i was doing, I said I can’t belive
how fine you are. As i was saying this I sat down on the bench
she put her hair down and threw the ribbon to the side.
She inched closer and clloser to me while i got harder and
harder. She sat on my lap like a kid sits on santa with her arm
around my neck. She played with the silver Chain
around my neck. as she did this I caressed her leg
She slowly unzipped the back of her uniform
showing me a bit of cleavage. I froze, I can’t believe
she did that because she’s usally shy around
people. she asked me to kiss her. I reluctantly
did what she said. She took my shirt off my shirt and threw on the
ground, she started rubbing my chest by now the temprature
in this room felt like 110 degrees sex was definatley
in the air. I looked deep in her eyes, and asked her if she was sure about
this. She kissed me jamming her tongue down my throat
by now she was as hot as I was. I helped take off her uniform
as slowly as i could. her skin was warm and smooth
she started from my mouth to my junk. She unbuttoned my
pants,I was playing with her hair and she noticed how hard i was
she got off my lap she tells me to kneel on the floor
right now i could see how wet she was. I was facing
the end of the bench where she was sitting, I pulled
down her panties and she forced my face toward it,
She said it hurt so i began to slow down, then a few minutes later she was moaning and beggine
to go faster. I smelled her sweet juices and it made me harder.
She told me to stop and she took my boxers off and
rubbed it a few times and started sucking it.
With her sucking it seemed she was expericed.
I was on the verge of cumming but she stopped
and pushed me down on the bench jumped on me and started riding me
It felt like heaven i wished it wouldn’t stop.
after about 5 minutes I came in her she gasped in delight
We fell in each others arms and kissed passionatley which got me hard
again. I laid a towel an the floor she asked me to do it doggy stlye
I was thinking i couldn’t handle a second one
but i did it anyway ater 10 minutes of more pleasure i came
2 times in her which really felt good. When we were done she fell asleep on the towel
I got up and put my clothes back on. I woke her up and told her
to put her clothes back on before we get caught. I looked at the clock
and said Holy shit it’s 10:00 they set the alarms in 15 minutes I picked
up her bag and told her we had to leave. I unlocked the door and looked
out there was no one there we ran across the gym to
the fron door and got the hell outta there.
I walked to my car and drovr her home
I told her it was the best Basketball game of my life
She said me to. I kissed her and walked her to the door.

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