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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: here and there
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I am a very outgoing person, i am pretty, smart, and guys love me. Most of the time they are around me to try and snatch a feel of my 34C tits, but anyway.
It happened one weekend when I was suppossed to meet my best friend Amy at the movies. I arrived first and went to get my seat and wait on her. Behind me was a group of 5 guys, and while I was waiting,I turned around to talk to them. When Amy got there, we joined them. I was sitting between two guys, then Amy, then the other three.
As the movie started, I glanced over to see how Amy was doing, and I saw her making out with one guy while the other was fingering the hell out of her! She had her hand wrapped around his dick, too. She was moaning lightly and thrusting with her hips as the guy was fingering her. As I watched, the one fingering her got down on the floor and pulled up her short skirt. Amy wasn’t wearing any panties,and she had a shaved pussy! It made me hot watching her. This guy starting licking her clit and eating her out, and I was getting wet watching them, while Amy was still kissing the other guy, his hands rubbing her tits. Suddenly, I felt one of the guys sitting next to me put his hand on my tits, and I almost died. He pulled up my shirt right there in the theater and began licking and sucking my hard nipples. The guy on my other side got the other tit in his mouth and the other guy next to Amy came over and lifted my own skirt to eat my already dripping pussy. I was moaning and thrusting as the guy ate me and the other two sucked my tits. It was so good.
Then, the guy eating me came up and said “Why don’t we go someplace else?” and all the guys agreed. Amy and I looked at eachother and said okay.
We got in their car, with three guys in back and two in front. I was sitting on the middle one’s lap in the back seat and Amy was between the two guys in the front.
We all watched as Amy unbuttoned her shirt to show her 34B tits to the guys in front. The driver grabbed one and pinched the nipple, making Amy squeal. The other one began fingering her and sucking on her other tit, while she jacked him off. Amy turned around to look at me and winked.
The three in back took turns eating my pussy and fingering me and licking my tits. By the time we got to where we were going, I had already had 2 orgasms and was working on a third.
The guys led us inside this empty house. One of them explained thet it was his families’ old house that was for sale. As soon as we were inside the door, Amy ripped her shirt off and pulled her skirt up, showing us her shaved pussy again. Not to be outdone, I pulled my shirt over my head and undid my bra. My tits bounced out of the cups and all the guys eyes were on me. Amy was looking at them, too. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall around my ankles. I was wearing black lace thong panties, and that was all.
Then I got a surprise. Amy came over to me and began squeezing my tits and slid her finger along my sopping slit. I was on fire, and so I did the same to her. We began kissing and fingering eachother, panting and groaning with pleasure. I came quickly, all over Amy’s hand. She looked at me and licked her fingers. “Lay down” she said. I laid down and she started eating me out in front of all those guys! One came over and began eating her out while she ate me. Another put his dick in my mouth. I sucked it long and hard and he came in my mouth. Thenanother guy took his place. I sucked three of the guys off, and then Amy stopped. We switched so I could eat her pussy and she could blow the other two guys. Finally, we stopped and looked around. All the guys were hard again, and Amy said ” Who wants to fuck this slut first?” Even though I was a virgin, I was so horny, I couldn’t take it. I got down on my hands and knees and told one guy to fuck me hard. He kneeled behind me and slid his hard dick in. It didn’t hurt much because I was so wet and had already had so many orgasms. He startd pumping and I loved it. Then I told another guy to put his dick in my mouth while the other one was fucking me. Amy was on her back with two dicks in her pussy and one in her mouth. We switched everyonce in a while and I had every guys’ dick in my pussy at least twice. At one time, I had two in my pussy and two in my mouth while the other one fucked Amy.
After the guys had tired out, they said they wanted me and Amy to have sex. Amy smiled and reached into her purse and pulled out a rubber dildo. I gasped as she put one end in her pussy and the other in mine. We rode eachother for a few minutes until we screamed with orgasm together. Then we got into 69 position and ate eachother out. Then one of the guys went out to the car and came back with a polaroid. They took all kinds of kinky pictures of us all engaged in various acts, and it was really erotic.
By the time we were done fucking, it was after midnight. We told the guys to take us back to the movies so we could get our cars. We got their phone numbers and we plan to meet again soon, for another sex-fest. As for me and Amy, well, she spent the night at my house that night. And that is another story.

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