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Love a good spanking

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: parking lot
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

This is a very true story and makes me wettier thinking about it….

I was 15 but my body developed very early I was 5’8 118….36DD 24 30…….I met this guy at a park one day he was 30 at least he said I knew he was older he was saying things I loved hearing…how great looking I was and he loved my tits and ass…..very sexual than I could be…I had one fantasy thou….I loved it when Daddy spanked my ass I wanted another man to do it….this man I will call him Frank had a fantasy of his own he had a lonley friend named Mark that would love to be with us both and a girlfriend of marks Lisa who has ignored mark for too long she wanted a women…..hell I agreed as long as my fantasy would be acted upon…..he agreed …..we met a half hour later in the park……all four of us…..Frank suggested right away to all get naked no problem…….I stood there proud of my body when there stood Lisa a bit plump but dam nice tits…..Frank grabbed me from behind and tied my arms to the park bench and legs spread eagle to the legs of the bench….Frank and mark had branches from the trees in their hands while the commanded Lisa to sit on the bench and eat my pussy…first women maded me a little uneasy until I felt that first branch against my ass also wipping my pussy…..dam it hurt but dam I was wet …I begged Lisa to comply with them thenshegot between my legs with her mouth dam dam she bite me and with the branches and marks bare hands against my ass I knew I was going to cum….she started sucking and biting………between the spanking I felt a huge cock on my ass trying to enter as he slapped even harder dam I wanted it…Frank was then sucking at my huge tits while he slapped my other tit…….dam I thought I would go crazy……..I felt Mark enter me from behind while Lisa was slapping my already wet pussy……she put her fingers in…….Frank then put his cock in my mouth at last dam i needed to suck something I told him…..he got excited after that and untied me…..he wanted to watch me and lisa…..we started to kiss when we did we both got a pussy spanking I loved the feeling of it and the sound of there hands against out wet cunts……They then demanded me and her to eat each other would be my first cunt but after a spanking like that dam anything for two men watching….I got ontop of her and she started right away I took a minute being my first but after that branch across my ass I sucked real fast…..I liked it she tasted so sweet….I began biting her clit then it drove her crazy both men then enterend fingers in our clits while we sucks and in our ass…….I was going to explode………I came all over her mouth and her on mine Frank and Mark licked it up…..we then heard noices in the bushes we were being watched it maded the men even more excited…..they invited these 2 men to watch as the fucked us……Frank had me on top while the boy waching spanked me with his huge hands…….The young boy begged to join I agree he must have been maybe 15 or 16 but dam a cock in my cunt and one in my ass while lisa sucked a tit and mark on a tit I was in heaven held it all back until I heard every explode….poor girl in the bushes watching hope you played with yourself………….I went back to the park a week later and had a couple again……..be back for # 2

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