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lovely mom

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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: mom's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My mom had been divorced from my dad for about six years, and she had her own place. Lots of times I would go over to see her on the weekends. She had invited me over one Saturday morning to stop by and have coffee with her. She had been out working in the yard when I got there. She was kind of grubby from doing that, and said that she was going to jump in the shower real quick, and told me to go ahead and make coffee.
She disappeared upstairs and I started to get the coffee ready, only I couldn’t find where she had put the coffee. So I went upstairs. When I got there, she was just coming out of the bathroom with her hair wet and nothing on, obviously not planning on me being there as she went to her bedroom. I was kind of embarrassed to catch her like that, and I apologized. She looked a little modest, but had this big grin on her face, like she was enjoying seeing me blush.
Not being particularly upset about it, she told me that I was obviously old enough not to be shocked, and that she wasn’t bothered about me seeing her naked. I didn’t really think that I was shocked, but I had never seen my mother naked before, and it was sort of unexpected. I was kind of surprised, too, to see this nakedly attractive woman standing there in front of me who was my mother. I had always thought of my mother as being just average. Average build, average good looking. That’s pretty much how you’re condition to think of your own mother. But here was this nude woman, looking quite appealing from her short wet hair down to her red painted toenails, and all parts in between. I had never realized, because I had never seen them, what great breasts she has. Not overly large, but full, sloping down and out, with two tappering cone-shaped nipples that are quite sizable. And she has this full, dark hairy bush between her legs. Shapely legs, I might add.
Well, my mother isn’t dashing off to try and cover up or anything, and I kind of get the idea that she’s enjoying letting me see her without a stitch on. Like it’s a fun thing to do in front of me. Which I suppose it is. Sort of like a daring thing for a mom to do and all of that.
She asks me if I’m disappointed by what I see. I blush and tell her no, that I’m not. I tell her that I think she looks quite nice – even though I’m not sure about giving my own mother a compliment like that, reffering to her bare physique. She looks quite pleased and happy about it though, and grins some more and asks me if it’s giving me a hard-on! It’s like I can’t believe that my own mother is asking me something like that! I blush some more and realize that it is. I can suddenly feel my dick sticking up in my shorts, and I wonder if it shows and I blush even more. She just says something like, “Well…” being very nonchalant about it, and “Things like that have been known to happen.”
I feel kind of silly, especially since she’s being so straightforward and open about the issue. Reluctantly I confess that it sort of is. Then she asks me if she can have a look! I have to admit that I was shocked by this, and I didn’t know what to say. And she says something like, “Just a little peek.” I say something about how I didn’t think that boys were suppose to show their mothers things like that. She smirked and reminded me that it wasn’t like I was fifteen any more, as if expecting me to have a more mature attitude about things like that. I figured that so long as she wasn’t upset and wanted me to show, that I might as well. I unzip my shorts and tug them down a little bit, and let her see my boner sticking up.
Mom looks absolutely delighted. Again I’m sort of shocked to think of my own mother as liking something like this. She remarks on how hard it looks and says how fun it would be if I was naked right then, too. I know that I was still blushing and amazed by her uninhibited attitude. I kind of say how I could take off my clothes and I can see her smiling over this. So I go ahead and get undressed right there. Mom steps over and puts her arms around me, and I put my arms around her, and the two of us are hugging and I can feel my naked body squeezing up against hers, and I feel my hard on pushing up against her, and it feels huge! In fact, I’m kind of embarrassed because it is so big and hard and this is my mom, after all, that’s making it that way.
She says how wonderful and fun this is, and suggests that maybe we should go into the bedroom. She leads the way and I follow, and we both climb on the bed. I’m grinning now too, and we doing some naked petting. She handling my boner and I’m feeling her bare tits, and it really feels awfully good. I try kissing and then sucking on her nipples. After I do that, she bends over and puts her mouth on my erection. I’m amazed by my mother doing this. Again, you just don’t think of your own mother doing something like giving a blow job. But there she is sucking on my hard dick, and doing a great job of it, too! Her hands playing with my balls while she does this, and I’m getting more and more turned on. I slip my hand between her legs and feel that she’s wet, and I play with her clit, and she says something like, “Don’t stop.” I can see that she’s really getting turned on, too. She falls back on the bed and I continue to play with her clit and she moans. Finally, wondering if I should, I start to climb on top of her. I feel her hands pulling me down and her legs spreading out. The next thing that I know, I’m sliding my boner into her pussy and making her moan some more. Having done that, I start to pump her her, slowly and then more vigerously. She’s moaning and gasping, and I’m loving how it feels having my dick that big and hard in her lubercated vagina. It’s really wild getting to do this with my mom.
Suddenly she has an orgasm. I mean, she really has one! It excites me even more, and before I even realize that it’s going to happen, I’m ejaculating in her. And I mean all the way. When she realizes that I’m doing this, her hands press down on my buttocks to keep me in her. I feel overwhelmed and I can’t believe that I’m doing this in my own mother and how wonderful it feels.
Then it’s all over and I suddenly come to my senses and think that I’m not just having sex with her, but that I just ejaculated my sperm into her. Oh, geez! That could be a disaster! I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I mentioned that I had just done this. She tells me not to worry and assures me that she can’t get pregnant, and how otherwise she wouldn’t be doing this with me. I can’t even describe how enormously relieved I felt right then.
Mom and I laid there and talked some, with mom saying how much she had enjoyed that, and with me admitting that I had, too. After about twenty minutes we did it again. That was six years ago, and to this day mom and I still enjoy getting together like this in her bedroom. I can’t even begin to say what a lovely mom she is!

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