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lov’n mom

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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: mom's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This summer I was over at my mom’s house one morning having coffee. She had just gotten up shortly before and had a robe on, which was no big deal. As we sat there, her robe came open a little bit and was slightly revealing of the fact that she had nothing on underneath. She just smiled over my noticing and said something like, “Oh, excuse me,” and pulled it back into place. I grinned and teased her a little, and she nonchallantly remarked how she liked being naked. Which was a surprise to me. My parents got divorced when I was fifteen, so growing up it was just mom and me. I wouldn’t exactly call my mother a prude, it just that she was always fairly conservative when it came to being covered up after a shower and things like that. I had never thought of my mother as liking being naked. I guess that I looked surprised, because she sort of chided me on that, saying that now that I was older, how I could hardly be shocked. I told her that I wasn’t shocked, just that it was something that I wasn’t expecting her to say. She was pretty casual about it, and remarked on how maybe sometime we might feel like being naked together sometime. I know that I probably blushed, and I mentioned how that might be kind of embarrassing. She assured that she wouldn’t be embarrassed, though.
Well, we talked about it a little bit, and finally decided that maybe we could try it. We went into the living room and she slipped off her robe and got out of my clothes, only weraing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. So they we were, both naked. It was kind of intimidating at first, but after a few moments it really felt nice. Mom’s 43, and pretty nice looking, and it was the first time that I had ever seen her naked. I thought that she had pretty nice breasts, full and with fairtly large nipples, and was surprised to see that she also had quite a bit of pubic hair. It was also the first time that she had ever seen me naked, and she looked pleased by what she saw. Not unexpectedly, I started to get visibly aroused. I could hardly bbelieve that I was having a boner in front of my mother like that, but it was also thrilling, too. Mom wasn’t shocked, and liked what she saw. Playfully, she felt it. While she did that, I felt her breasts. Suddenly they we were, enjoying this naked intimacy together, and it seemed so wonderful. We hugged and touched and caressed, and did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips. Soon she was reclining on the sofa and I was laying on top of her, pushing my erection into her vagina. All of which felt even more wonderful and exciting. Being very gentle and taking our time, we spent about the next fifteen minutes fucking. She had an orgasm and then I ejaculated in her. Afterwards neither of us were embarrassed nor did we feel guilty. Instead, we both felt proud of the fact that we could do that with each other.
That following week we had sex again, and it was just as wonderful. During the course of this summer, we have continued to participate in love making and have enjoyed every minute of it! I don’t think either of us have ever felt so satisfied.

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