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Lucky Jim

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: My sister's playhouse
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I read zelenstroy1.ru the first time a week ago. As I read the stories, I was amazed at the many ways other people learned about sex. Let me tell you my story.

I was in the backyard one day and her my sister and her friend were giggling in her playhouse. Curious, I wandered in. Julie, her girlfriend was quite pretty and beginning to develop breasts. What were you giggling about, I asked them. Julie smiled and said, I was telling your sister about how boys are made different than girls.

Guess we are, I replied. Would you like to see my penis? Sure, Julie squeeled, that would be nice. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my limp cock. Jullie smiled and said, it’s pretty, can I touch it. Okay go ahead I coaxed. Julie’s warm hand grabbed my limp penis and rubbed it a little. As you can imagine, I began to sprout a boner. Julie turned to my sister and said, see how it grows when you play with it. My sister blushingly said, I’ve never seen it like that before. Julie continued stroking my growing penis and her warm hand felt soo good. Julie no said, I’d like to taste it, can I Jim. Go ahead if you like, I replied. She raised it to her mouth, opened her lips and put it inside and closed them. Her mouth was even warmer than her hand and the moist feeling excited me as her tongue began licking all around the head. I groaned with pleasure. Julie smiled and said, do you like that Jimmy. Oh yes! I groaned, a lot. Julie continued to work on my hard cock with her mouth and a wonderful pleasure began building in my balls. Suddenly, I grunted, lurched my hips forward and my cock exploded in her mouth. Julie was moaning with pleasure as she licked every drop of my seman and swallowed it down her throat. When I finished cumming, my cock went limp and slid out of her mouth. Oh Jimmy, Julie cooed, that was the tastiest stuff I’ve ever eaten. My sister was wide eyed with amazement and said, I didn’t know boys spurted.
Now I was curious and said, Julie, I’d like to see how girls are made different than boys. She smiled wickedly and purred, okay here goes. She pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the floor. She was wearing pink panties and a white trainer bra underneath. Can I take them off, I begged. Sure, Julie purred, be my guest. I reached behind her and undid the bra clasp and it fell to the floor. She had the cutest 32B tits I had ever seen with red nipples standing out. I asked if I could touch them and she squeeled saying go ahead the’re yours to play. I cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed them gently. OH! Julie purred, that feels nice. Her nipples were beggging for attention standing out stiffly. I’d like to suck on them, I said, and Julie replied, go ahead boy, I’m not stopping you. I licked each nipple, one after the other and then took one in my mouth and began sucking and then went to the other and sucked on it too. Julie was moaning with pleasure as my tongue swirled around each one as I sucked gently. Your mouth feels soo good Jimmy, you really know how to please a girl. Next I asked, can I take your panties off and see what else you’ve got. Sure thing, Julie said, it’s yours for the taking. I reached inside the hem and slowly pulled them down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Like what you see boy? Julie giggled as I gazed at her pink pussy lips hiding behind a tuft of red curly cunt hair. It’s beautiful, I said, and I’d like to touch it. Please do Julie said and my hand went to her warm pussy. She shuddered and and cooed, Jimmy, you have the nicest hands and they make my pussy feel soo good. I opened her pussy lips with one finger and slid it inside gently. It was warm and slippery inside and I moved my finger in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster as she groaned in pleasure. She had a little hard bud at the top of her slit and moaned louder as my finger moved across it. Want to taste it Jimmy, she asked. Sure do I replied and lowered my face to her lovely snatch. Holding her pussy lips apart with my fingers, I let my tongue dart out and lick between them. She was shuddering with pleasure as I licked between her lips and across her little hard bud at the top. Her pussy was so warm and juicy and my tongue lapped up the sweet nectar. Oh Jimmy, Julie screamed, your tongue feels so good, lick me more. Suddenly her whole body trembled, she let out a scream and exploded filling my mouth with her juices. My little sister watched with awe and said, I never knew boys & girls did such fun things to each other. Julie smiled wickedly and said, your brother really knows his way around.
At this point, I had become aroused again and had a monster hardon throbbing in front of me. Julie laughed and said, I’ll bet you know where to put that wonderful thing. Sure do, I laughed, lay down on the floor and spread your beautiful legs girl. Julie laughed and sprawled on the floor on her back, raised her knees and spread them apart saying come and get it big boy. Kneeled down between those beautiful legs, I positioned my stiff cock at her pussy opening and pushed gently. Her sweet pussy lips opened inviting my manhood inside. Once I was deep within her warm slippery cunt, the lips closed tightly around my cock and I began to thrust. Julie was making gurgling sounds as I thrust in and out of her. Your cock feels so good, Jimmy, fuck me hard. I continued fucking her for several minutes until her legs went around my hips and pulled me deep inside her. Suddenly we both spasmed as I exploded inside her. Oh Jimmy, that was wonderful, Julie gasped. Sure was, I agreed, really wonderful.
That was my first experience with sex and my little sister begged me to do it with her the next day and I readily agreed. I’ve been making love to women for 33 years now and everytime is a new experience as it gets better and better. I’m glad boys are made different from girls and find the difference to be the most exciting thing in the world. Thanks, Julie, for the show and tell game and the fun we had that first time.

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