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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One day the rest of my family had gone out to watch my sister play netball and I was home alone.I looked out of my bedroom window and saw that my neighbour had hung the washing out to dry.Then I saw the girl who lived there’s bra on the line(she’s 13).So i pretend to kick a ball around the house and accidently kick it over her fence and right under her washing line.I jump the fence,go to collect the ball but at the same time snatch her bra for some masterbating later.Then the back door opens and there she is standing there.”Come inside and I’ll show you where else to find one of them.”she says.I go over and find out that her parents are out as well for the rest of the day.We decided that we would have sex.I run back to my place and get into my blue lycra swimmers and a T-shirt and shorts.I run back to her place and walk inside the back door and go strait to her room.I find she is wearing a T-shirt and shorts over the top of a blue lycra one-piece pair of swimmers that match mine!I lay her down on the bed and rip off her shirt and shorts, she does the same to me.So now with a huge bulge in my swimmers I start rubbing my groin against hers,up and down.As you probably know although lycra is smooth, when 2 pieces are rubbed there is alot of friction.So As i move up and down our groins get really hot so we decide to get into some move heavy forplay.We take off our swimmers and place them with the remains off our other clothes.We start with a 69er penis was so hard now I thought I’d break her neck! But her vagina was so warn and moist!Next I lay her flat and lick her vagina while squeezing a breast in each hand.They are a nice hand full each.Then I grab one i my hands and begin to suck like a vacuum.Then suddenly she yells”Enough of this!”She grabs me by the shoulders and throws me on my back then drops hard onto my penis which is now standing up like a flag pole.I thought I’d never stop going in! then she bounced up and down very quickly and the bed creaked and groaned.Finally she started sceaming out in an orgasm.At the same time i had mine.Our orgasms lasted for about 2 minutes!Then we crumpled in a heap on the bed.
We decided that we would put our swimmers back on and do it in my pool again!
All in all the geatest day of my life!

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