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Where it happened: calcutta
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hello friends, iam about to tell you about my sexperience which by which i lost my virginity.i was s then when this incident took palce.
i live in calcutta in india.I had a family staying on the floor of our house.that family consisted of 2 girls and a boy.one girl was older than me and the other was of my age.The elder sis was a real beauty with large tits and a gorgeous face but the one was also not bad.their family had gone to atemd a family wedding to patna.My mother asked me to deliver dinner at their house as their mom had told my mom to take care of their dinner and all.when i reached their the smaller girl opened the door and after opening the door she went to her room to study.i called for the guy and he soon came from his room in a hurryand found that he looked a bit nervous.i entered in his room and found that the elder girl was wearing her clothes.I immediately understood the whole thing.they were having sex. This was very insane as in indian society sex is considered bad and they being brither and sister were having sex.i asked what were they doing she said me to keep quiet and not to tell anyone.I asked her brother that have they gone allthe way he said that this has been going on since she first had her periods. Then he asked me to have deal with them. they asked that i could have any of his two sisters and fuck her.he also told me that his smaller sis was still a virgin and i could pop her cherry.i said that after having sex with her smaller sister for 1 hour i will also have that elder sister . at thisher elder sister objected but when his brother talked to her she aggreed.when i went to the samaller girl’s room she was studying . i went there and caresseed her back. she looked at me in surpriseand i said to her that dont worry your brither and sister have allowed me to have me enjoy with you
She was earlier very aanoyed but when i continued caressing her she also sort of started liking it and saying come on fuck me fuck me fuck me i no more want to stay a virginat least my brither won’t be the one to pop my cherry oh yes.thsi kinda things aroused me and i removeed her clothes . oh myy…. her tits were a real beauty. i slowly slid her panty and caressed her clitorisshe shook on thati started sucking her pussy and she was greeted with the first orgasms of her life . she got compeletely wet .then i started removing my clothes when i took my underwear off she got scaredseeing my erect cocki which ” long then her elder sister also came and she got impressed seeing my cock. she asked her sister to relax and said that she will enjoy it.when i entered in her she shook with painbut her elder sister was thereto take care of her and make her relax. after 10 mins of hard pumping when i was about to cum her sister told me not to cum inside her and instead presented her mouth for the purpose.i came in her mouth and she liked the taste i kissed the little sister and told her to relax. then the elder sister started caressing my cock and asked me wwhat i wanted to do with her.i demanded for a nice blowjob which she readily aggreed cos she had liked my cum. she took my cock in her mouth and started giving me head ohh my what a great cock sucker she wastaking my full cock in her mouth and sucking it like a lolly pop.after some time i came inside her mouth she started swallowing it all.then my cock was little tiredf and so was i cumming two times in a row but as soon she started removing her clothes it got the attention back but only semi rigid form till she asked her little sister to come and give me head so that she also gets her fuck. she was scared but thenwhen elder sister told her that it is enjoying and thinking of the enjoyment elder sister was having sucking my cock . it jumped to full size at the moment her virgin mouth started sucking on it.now her sister came to me and we started kissing.i could taste my cum which was still sticking a bit in her mouth it was a bit salty.then we git into the act and i insewrtyed my penis into her standing she was a lot looser than her sister.and started fucking hjer as in a xxx movie.suddenly her brother also came and she asked him to fuck her in the ass.he started fucking her in the ass and it turned to a scene of a xxx movie.soon we finished and as i finished my mother called to enquire how i was so late i had to go but i went taking sweet memories of my first fuck

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