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Where it happened: at friend's apartment
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I was a foreign student of the universities in indiana and had just entered the university as a freshman. as i was new to the environment (i am from south east asia), i was naturally timid. I was taking this English writing class and in my class was an american girl (she’s mixed: her dad black and mum white). after about a month, she approached me and started a conversation. she asked where i am from and those stuff. she said i was a shy person and could understand me as she had lived in japan before (her father was a marine).

she was about 5′ 4” and and i am 5’7″ and was very attractive because of her mixed blood. after class, we swould chit-chat and she would tell me about her life experience in japan. i told her about my culture where boys and girls do not mixed as freely as those in america. this went on for about a month and the topics were getting interesting as each day passed by. one day she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend just before she became a student at the university. on my part, i told her that i used to have a girlfriend but we did not do much except holding hands.

i told her that i never had sex in my life before. she told me that she had sex a few times with her boyfriend before they broke up. well one day after class (it was winter and her housemates were not around ), she invited me to her apartment to discuss our class notes and i said yes. i did not expect anything and so did she. after we arrived at her apartment, we went straight checking our notes and this lasted about an hour. afterwards, she suggested we watch a movie (r- rated). after about half an hour, she checked with me whether i had seen an x-rated movie before. i told her i had seen it a few times before after arriving in the usa.

she told me her roommate had a few collections of x-rated movie and took them out for me to choose. i chose one and she began playing it on the video player. after a while, my cock started to show its bulge, and i tried to hide it from her by criscrossing my legs and changing my position. she noticed me doing that and asked me whether i like the movie. i said yes and she asked, “Which part?” i told her i like the part when when the man licks the woman’s pussy and the woman licking the man’s ball and doing a blowjob.

she asked me whether i would like to experience it with her and at first i said no. but she told not to be shy as there was nobody was in the house and furthermore she likes to experience sex with an oriental man. i told her i did not know what to do, but she said,”i”ll show you”. she moved closer to me and tookme in her arms and began kissing me, slowly first and then with such a passion. i returned her kiss with such a lust and told her my cock could not take it anymore.

the next thing, she took of my pants and shirt and told me she would lick my balls and put my cock in her mouth. the first time she licked me ball was a sheer ecstasy. then she began putting my cock in her mouth and did such a marvellous blowjob that i ejaculated in her mouth after just 5 minutes. she told me it’s o.k and said she had never seen a cute cock (mine is about 5 inches, but she liked it anyway as she could put the entire lenght in her mouth, and sucked it with all the passion. i told her my cock would not be big enough for her pussy, but she said she just need a few inches inside her cock and that would do. she said her former boyfriend had about 8 inches but she felt pain whenever she had sex with him. it was just too big for her and that’s one of the reasons for the breakup.

after about 15 minutes, she began licking my balls again and said she could continue doing it unless i want to other things, especially licking her pussy. i said i want to experience my first pussy licking and asked her to show me how she wants me to do it so that could really enjoy. she took off pants and clothes and first asked me to suck her nipples. i suck slowly at first but could not control it afterwards and began sucking and licking her breasts as if i woudl tear her body. she began to moan as loud as i could hear and kept saying, ” i love it.”

after about 20 minutes sucking her nipples, she suddenly held my head and positioned it between her parted legs. she told me to lick her pussy the way i sucked her nipples. since it was the first time for me, i did slowly at first while enjoying the baeuty of her pussy (so red inside). first she asked me to lick her outer parts which i did. from a slow motion, i sucked her outer parts with such a lust that i began to bite her. then she asked me to put my tounges inside her red pussy, and she moaned even louder.at last she directed my face to her clitoris which had become so big by now. i began to bite her clitoris and i think she made the loudest sound of all. since this was my first time licking a clitoris (it was red hot as well), i took about 20 minutes licking, sucking and biting it.

as she could take it any longer, she grabbed me by my head towards. “please make love to me now,” she said. she took my cock and guided it towards her pussy and with just one push i was all the way inside her. the first thrust, she gave a loud moan and i could feel her body trembling. i know she had just cum and i began to pump her in and out for about 10 minutes, during which time she kept whispering, “your cock is just nice for my pussy.”. she told me just to keep my cock inside her as she would like to feel the warmth of my cock. her muscle began to grab my cock as hard as it could and that’s when i ejaculated in her pussy.as it was the first time, a lot of my semen came out and and i could see her pussy was full of it.

after that, i told her it’s enough for the day, and said i wanted to go back. she said o.k and asked for my phone number just in case she needs. i thought the day was over for me but at about 10.00 pm she called me that she felt horny again and would like to see me. i told her to meet at the HPER hall. when we met, she asked me whether she could fuck me as she was very, very horny. i told her i did not mind and suggested that we go to the men’s rest room as there were no people around. as soon as we got into the men’s room, she took off her sweater and pants and then did the same to me. the way she did it tells me that she was really horny and could not wait to have my cock.

she began my sucking my cock and then my balls. she even licked the whole part of my butt including the asshole as she said she wanted to feel every pleasure. after that she asked to sit on the bowl and she moved her pussy towards my face and spread her legs. i licked her pussy and then she turned around and asked me to lick her but including her asshole. i did as she told me and she began to make some noice. then she asked me to get up and she positioned herself where her back was to me. she asked me to put cock inside her pussy but i had some difficulty as the mouth of her pussy was was down. i managed to get a few inches of my cock inside her and began pumping her.

after a few minutes, she asked me whether i had fucked an asshole before, but i said no. she said she had done one time before with her ex-boyfriend but it was painful. with my small cock, she said it would just be nice. i said o.k and spread her leg even more and i could clearly see her asshole. she said to put some of the juices from her pussy on my cock and try to push it in. i was surprise that it was so easy getting in, i shoved my 5 ft. cock inside her asshole. as her asshole was small and her contraction was getting harder and harder, i came in her asshole.

after that wonderful experience, we continued to see each other after class and continued to fuck whenever we can. most of the time it was i who requested for sex as i began to feel the pleasure. i fucked both her pussy and asshole and sometimes she did just ge a blowjob and i lick her pussy. i would to thank sara for the exhilirating experience.

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