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Margie and I fucked my brother!

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: USA
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was not my fault, it was Margie. She moved in the apartments just before school was out last year. We became friends, she was funny and wild, so I knew summer would be fun. We were both about to go into high school and unlike Margie, I had never did anything sexual, not even really kiss a boy. Margie wanted to show me how to kiss, so I agreed. She hit up this guy in the apartment complex for a six pack of beer and we hide in the woods and drank our beers. We were both loopy and she started trying to make out with me. She was putting her tongue in my mouth and everything. I actually started getting into it. I let her pull off my t-shirt so she could suck my boobs. I really didn’t care, at that time I had tiny boobs. She took off her shirt and I started sucking her much, much bigger cone shape tits. I got the giggles and we both started giggling. We were so loud a little kid from a nearby playground came into the woods to see what we’re doing. We grabbed our clothes and ran back to my apartment before the kids’ mother came to investigate. We were dressed when we went in and tried not to be giggly. My brother, who is a couple of years older than me, was on the couch watching tv. When we walked by him Margie flashed him. She thought he was cute and wanted him to fuck her. He jumped up and shouted Holy Shit, let me see those again! As Margie was shutting my bedroom door, she said, not until we see your dick. Matt, my brother, shouted no problem. When door opened, he had is dick sticking out of his pants. We screamed and laughed and pointed at his dick sticking straight out. Then he jumped on the bed and started wrestling Margie down. Matt was shouting, Hooters, I want to see lots of hooters! He was pulling at Margie’s shirt and she told me to take mine off . I think Matt did not know what to do at this point. He had two top less girls (yes, one was his sister) Margie started pushing him down on the bed asked for my assistance. As we got him down, Margie undid his pants and jerked them down to this knees and his dick went into her mouth. Matt and I just looked at each other, like holy shit what is she doing! Seconds later, Matt was shouting and white cum was all over his dick and coming out of Margie mouth. Matt was trying to get her to stop by attempting to crawl off the bed, and she just kept pumping and sucking him. Then she opened her mouth and showed us the cum and then swallowed. Honestly, it almost made me nauseous. She told me to lick it, I refused and she started taunting me until I was inches from his dick. Then she slapped my face with it and told me to open up. I remember tightly closing my eyes and letting Matt’s dick enter my mouth. It was warm, and sticky, but had some strange appeal to it. I did not move for what seemed like a long time then Margie started moving my head and Matt’s dick got bone stiff in my mouth. Margie told me to just let it slid in and out and enjoy how it feels in my mouth. I opened my eyes when I heard Margie telling Matt to lick her pussy. Margie had removed her shorts, panties and was instructing Matt on how to eat her out. Matt’s eyes were so huge, but he had his tongue going into her pussy. Again, I started giggling and so did Margie. Matt was the last to laugh. Margie told me to get off of Matt, she laid on the bed on her back, and said Fuck me! Matt said I don’t think so…Margie said Fuck me or I will tell your mother it was your idea and she will believe me. Again, Matt looked over at me for who knows what, to tell him it was ok, or not to do it, I don’t know. Matt, total naked by now, climbed between her legs and started to slowly fuck her. I just sat and watched. It was amazing watching his dick disappear into her and come back out. I could see the wetness on his dick and beads of moisture around her pussy with a trail of wetness going down to her tiny butt hole. Matt nut sack would briefly stick to Margie’s crotch then release as he pulled up from her pussy. Then it seemed like they both got really into it. Margie was making sounds and Matt was grunting and then I noticed the smell. It was a sweaty, musty, and sweet smell. At Margie’s encouraging, I leaned over and started sucking on Margie’s cone shaped boobs. She reached under me and started to play with my pussy sliding a finger in me. Again, I was into this, the sucking, fingering and fucking and smells. Matt started to stiffen up and Margie shouted put it in Tammy’s mouth it her turn. Without thinking I received his dick into my mouth and Matt shot a shockingly hot gooey cum into my mouth. I gagged just before I swallowed and some of it came out and landed with a spat just above the faint hairline of Margie’s pussy. Matt fell on the bed beside Margie and started laughing. We started laughing too, but I didn’t know why we were all laughing. The laughter turned into silence and we all laid there silent. Then Margie broke the quiet by asking Matt if he was going to fuck me. For the third time, we looked at each other in disbelief. Neither of us wanting to be the first to say anything. I guess it was the beer or not wanting to chicken out in front of Margie, I pulled my legs up and spread then apart and announced I was ready to be fucked. Matt was still unsure about fucking me, but he made his way over between my legs and started rubbing his dick up and down my dry, almost hairless slit. As the moisture appeared Matt started inching into me. Margie started to kiss me and licking my tiny nipples. I think Matt seeing this happening right front of him got him going. The good feeling of my pussy over rode the thought of it was his sister who he was fucking. Matt really got into fucking me. He was banging me a lot harder than he did Margie. The sensation was like I was dizzy and about to pass out, I was screaming and flopping around and grabbing the bedspread. Matt shouted, I’m coming and Margie laid her head on my stomach and took Matt’s dick into her mouth. I think he pumped a bigger load the third time than he did the first. He smiled at me and told me it was great. I had to agree, it was awesome. Margie ceremoniously show us all the cum in her mouth before she gulped it down. Well, that is how I had my first time. Yes, I fucked my brother several more times after that then we just stopped as we got older. I also fucked my uncle, with the help of Margie of course. Maybe I will write about that too. If you fucked your brother or sister or cousin, write about it. I would like to know how it happened with others. That’s All.

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