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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Lumber yard
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

The first time i got my pussy licked: ugh and god i am so
addicted to it now. My boy friend and i had been going out
for a few weeks, we had been together all day. We had been
to the mall, and the cd store… all that stuff. All day he
was teasing me. He would grab my crotch when i was stoped a
t a stop light and he sucked on my fingers when i was drivin
g. Everytime he did it got would almost cum. A few times
i did actually cum. He loved the reaction that i had. He
would rubb this spot on the palm of my hand that would make
me go crazy. So on our way home from the mall he told me
he knew this spot that we should stop at on the way home.
It was very close to his house so if we took a long time he
would not be too late. I had always talked about getting licked
He told me he loved doing it. At first i was shocked cuz i
didnt think that guys liked it that much. I dont suck dick
and i told him that. He was totally ok with it. He jsut wanted to
please me. That was the biggest turn on. So he said are u ready to
lose your virginity to getting eaten out. HE would tell me that
i would be wanting the dick so badd. So he took me down this
steep hill and we were outside in Oct. It was kinda cold…
so we went into this shed with all these big plyboards. we climbed up on
the tallest one. He took my shoes and my pants off and then my underware.
I was so cold and trembling. he spread my legs .. i was kinda embarrased
because my panties were so wet and he had seen that
but he was turned on by it. So he spread my legs and spread my lips
and gave me one big lick all the way up my clit. then he put his tongue in
i will never forget that sensation. Even though i was cold.. i turned really
warm in a few minutes. HE licked me for about 15 minutes and went
back and forth between licking me and fingering me really hard
it kinda hurt but i moaned and came really hard. i started to get up and
he said who said i was done. and pushed me back down on the board. My back hurt so badd
i was sqiriming alot. so he licked me for a little while longer
and then i brought him home. he carried me back to the car. it was
really sweet. It was such a turn on to know that he only wanted to please me. And i didnt mind the bruises on my back
from the board because i was just licked for the first time.. and every time after
that he would beg me to let him lick it. So u know i could not say no!

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