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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: bathroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 13 when this happened, I can remember it alot and this sometimes brings on an excellent orgasam.
My friend Kate called me up one morning and called me over cause she had something that felt so good to show me. She was a year older than me, 14, and was my best friend, we did everything together.
I ran over to her house and knocked on the door, Kate answered in her panties and a t shirt. “Hurry up and come in Kris, I have to show you this” she said. I followed her up to her bedroom, quickly she got undressed. I didnt think anything of it because weve seen each other naked a billion times. “Kris, I found out this thing that you can do to yourslef that makes you feel awesome! Get undressed”
“What is it?” I asked as I took off my clothes. My breasts were somewhat smaller than hers, but they still were nice.
Kate was sitting on the bed beside me “remember in school when mrs.batter talked about masturbation?”
“yah, I still dont know what it is” I said as I tossed my panties on the floor.
“I found out in a book last night, I tried it and its awesome. You take your fingers and put them in here,” she said, sliding her fingres into her vagina,”and you move them across this thing”
I did it and said nothing happened.
“Here, lemme try” Kate took her finger and slid in into my vagaina, “right here”
I felt a awesome power take over me. I moaned.
“isnt it awesome?”
“Yah! keep doing it” I said, Kate continued to masturbate me.
“Kris, put your fingers here and do it to me”
I did it and stoaked her clitorious, Kate moaned.
As Kate stoaked faster, I did the same.
And in a matter of minutes, pure joy rushed over me, I collpased on the floor.
“finish me” Kate said, out of breath.
I pumped my finger in and out of kate and she too feel down on the floor.
“awesome eh?” she asked
“amazing!” I gasped. “you will have to show me how to do i myself”
“later babe”

That was my first time with masturbation, we did more after that but that came later.

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