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Math Tutor

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my parents' house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was a generally good student at high school but always struggled in math. Who likes math anyways. But in my senior year, my parents insisted that I get a tutor to have a better math grade in my final diploma.
Tutoring? That would mean even more math, I thought. I was not amused.
The tutor showed up on a Wednesday afternoon in October. He was barely older than me, maybe 20, Asian, athletic, and also very cute. His name was Yang. He had this slight little Asian accent, so I knew he wasn’t born here. His hair was black and short, his eyes brown, and he almost always had a charming smile on. I thought – how am I going to learn anything with THIS guy?! I’d be really distracted.
But surprisingly things went very well, he was a math major at college and very able to explain to me the concepts and strategies how to get from here to there and I made significant progress.
The more I got to know him, the closer I felt and the more I developed fantasies about him. How he would look like without clothes… how it would feel embracing him,,, kissing him… even having sex together.
One day in Spring, the circumstances were right. My parents were away on business and my sister was out with friends for a couple of days.
An hour before Yang was to arrive for the lesson, I prepared myself for the visit. I put on black thong panties, shiny silky pantyhose, high heels, a tan mini-skirt and a tank top that went down just above my belly button. I decided not to wear a bra, so he could see my D size breasts better. I also had a manicure and pedicure done recently and put on red lipstick, eye shades, rouge and so on. Finally, I sprayed a little bit of my older sister’s special perfume on my neck, the one she wears when she goes out trying to catch a date.
That way I felt ready for my tutor and thought just let’s see what happens.
When he entered the house, he seemed to be the same as usual at first, and didn’t show any signs of realizing how differently I looked. But after a while I noticed his gaze being quite distracted from the math book and moving to my breasts, my skirt, and my legs. I noticed that he was blushing a bit and his hands turned sweaty. After another little while, I discovered a big bulge in his pants.
That was when I suggested to take a break, saying I was a bit tired. We sat down on the livingroom couch and chatted along for a while, Yang still being busy checking me out from head to toes. It was time to take the initiative I thought, he is probably to shy to do anything, so I took his right hand and placed it on my left breast. He waited a bit before he started to gently massage it, and then my other brest, thru the tank top. Boy did that feel good! I really got aroused by that one. “I’m warm” I said and pulled off the tank top. Seeing my naked breasts definitely had an effect on him, he was turning all red and his buldge in his pants got even bigger. “Lick me!” I asked and he bent over and caressed my boobs and nipples with his skillful tongue, as if he had done this often before. My nipples hardened and grew bigger which seemed to turn him on even more. “Worship my legs!” I told him and he moved his attention to the lower part of my body. His hands gently stroked my legs thru my pantyhose and it felt absolutely terrific. He went up and down, to my heels, kissed them too and then took them off my feet. He took my feet in his hands and gave them an awesome massage. Then he started kissing them, the soles, the toes and licking them as well. I wonder if he has a foot fetish, he spent a long time with them, but for me it was paradise. Finally he moved up again and slid his hands underneath my skirt, touching my private parts and rubbing back and forth. I became warmer there and quite wet between my legs and took off my skirt. Yang went over my ass and pussy, still being covered by the little fabric of the black thong and the shiny pantyhose. Then he skillfully took off my pantyhose and continued his good work. Before he could take off the last piece of my clothing it was time to undress him in turn. I took off his shirt, shoes, and pants and grabbed his cock thru his underwear, gently massaging it. He moaned when my hand went inside his undies and took his cock. It was truly amazing, uncut, huge, and lots of pre-cum already coming out. I stuck it in my mouth and gave Yang a real amazing blowjob until he exploded in me and I swallowed all that Asian cum of that hot sexy guy. I licked his cock dry and finally took off my thong so we were both nude.
I led us into my bedroom where I had prepared some nice scents, candles, and soothing music, and at first we cuddled for a while under the blanket, just feeling our bodies.
Then he started to rub my pussy gently, then my clitoris which was real hard already, and then stuck a finger into my wet pussy, moving softly back and forth. I moaned and was close to coming but I wanted that we come together so I turned around and sat on his big cock, riding it like I imagined you would ride a bull, very violently. My breasts moved up and down and as he was inside me his cock got even bigger and filled me up all the way. I felt as good as I have never felt in my life. He grabbed my butt and squeezed it a bit, now his rhtythm being in sync with mine. After many minutes of this wild dance we came together in a great orgasm and yelled out of excitement. He shot his load deep inside me and gave me an extra tingle.
We went under the blanket again and kissed each other, very deep, very long, very intense, We held each other in our arms and finally fell asleep. On the next day, we had sex three more times, we just couldn’t stop it.
The next two months we did little math and lots of sex but I still got an A in my final diploma.
Unfortunately, he went away in summer for an internship and I moved to a different town for college. We still send each other emails and sometimes talk on the phone, but none of us knows if we ever will meet again.

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