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ME 37, SHE 15

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Age when it happend: 37
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Her name is Tanya. She’s fifteen.

She is a friend of my daughter. She and several other girls came for a slumber party last evening to celebrate school being out for the summer. They spent most of the evening in the pool, going to bed about midnight. To save time, some of the girls showered in the master bathroom. My wife was out of town, and I had gone to bed earlier. I had no idea the girls were using MY bathroom.

Tanya was last, and had aparently finished her shower, and was quietly drying off. I woke up needing to pee. I walked in the bathroom butt naked and half asleep. There was Tanya without a stitch on, with a towel over her head. She has my wife’s build and coloring, and I thought it was her, forgetting she was out of town.

I hugged Tanya from behind, grabbing one handful of tit and the other full of mound, and kissed her on the neck. She was so shocked she didn’t say anything or make a sound. She just stood there, like my wife would do. When I slipped a finger between her outer lips and felt Tanya’s huge clit, I realized something was wrong, and let go of her. She took the towel from her face, dropping it to the floor, and we both stood there in shock.

I stammered that I thought she was my wife, and she started to laugh. She said “Everything’s OK”, and hugged me around the neck. I hugged her back. We were still totally naked, and now both of us were wet. I started to leave, but Tanya said: “Would you dry my back … it really is OK … I’m not embarassed”.

We dried each other off, and laughed some more. I was amazed how much she was like my wife … except for that huge mound and clit. She asked me: “How did you know I wasn’t Janet?” I told her frankly, “Because you’re a lot different down there.” “OH?? How am I different? Is it bad?” “No, sweetheart, it’s not bad. In fact, it’s real good.”

We moved out of the bath to the bedroom. It was my intention to get clothes on both of us and get her the hell out of my bedroom. She picked up a hand mirror from the dresser and sat on the bed. She said “I want you to show me exactly how I’m different.” I said “Honey, a part of you is bigger than that same part on Jan.” “Show me. Show me now!” I said “OK, lay back and look in the mirror.” She laid back, raised her legs and spread her knees wide open. She had a very prominent mound, and her big clit wasn’t showing too well. I said “Spread yourself open, sweetie, and hold the mirror so you can see.” “I’ll hold the mirror, but you spread me apart, OK?” Well, I was curious too, so I took my thumbs and gently spread her open a little way. I said: “See the part right in the middle? That’s it.” “No. I can’t see it. Spread me open more.” I held her with my thumbs, and put my forefingers inside her outer lips and spread everything open further. She had huge inner lips too, and they stayed together. She said “I still can’t see too well, pull those others apart too”. I reached with my forefingers and spread her inner lips apart, exposing her clit and the vestibule of her vagina. I said “See, honey, right there in the middle?” “I think so. Touch it so I can be sure.” I reached over with my right index finger and touched her clit. It immediately began to engorge and swell.

She was getting wet, and I was getting hard. Lubricant flowed from between her inner lips. Everything down there was getting bigger, turning pinkish red, and becoming moist.

I removed my finger from her clit and she said: “Wait. Touch it again. I like that. Touch me there again.” I thought: “OK young lady, let’s see how far you want to go.” I put my right forefinger at the vestibule of her vagina and spread lubricant upward between her inner lips and all over her clit. She started breathing heavily. I massaged her clit and spread her ample lubricant all over her inner lips, kneading them gently between my thumbs and fingers. Her belly got flatter, she grabbed her knees with her hands, spread her legs wider and turned her mound up a little more. Her eyes were closed.

She said: “Please don’t stop. Do anything you’d like to…I know you won’t hurt me”. I rubbed her gently and deliberately, using all my experience to give her pleasure.
I scooted her down further to the edge of the bed. As I massaged her with my left hand, I guided the head of my very erect dick to the vestibule of her vagina, and began rubbing it gently against her, from her vagina to her clit. She moaned softly, and said she liked that. After about two minutes of that, she was flooded, and I was contributing my clear essence too. She reached down between her legs and guided my dick to her vagina and started pushing up against me. The head slipped right in.

She moaned a little louder and started hunching upward, taking me into her a fraction of an inch at a time. In just a few minutes I was in her all the way. She was so tight she was causing me to hunch her too. I told her to wrap her arms and legs around me, and we scooted up on the bed. I hunched her pretty hard and put it to her missionary style for several minutes, then we rolled over with her on top. I spread my legs and told her to cross her ankles. When she did, it hit her … hard.

She started hunching wildly, and pulled me deeper into her. I covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. When she was just past her peak, I couldn’t hold it any longer and I shot her tight little snatch full of semen.

She felt my dick pumping her full, and that set her off again. I wraped my legs around hers just above her knees and locked my arms around her waist. I tried to shove my dick through her. I bottomed out and she jerked, but couldn’t go anywhere. I held her snug and kept it real deep in her and I shot again.

We relaxed, but stayed coupled for a long, long time, with her on top. I felt her involuntary muscles gently and rhythmically contracting, naturally milking my dick and moving my semen to her uterus. We lay like that for over an hour, enjoying each other’s warmth and tenderness.

I got another erection and pumped yet more semen into her. We finally dozed off, still coupled.

About 3AM my daughter and another girl came into my bedroom to see where Tanya was. We were covered with a sheet, but she was still on top of me, and I was still inside her. I held her head down on my chest so she wouldn’t move or talk. I whispered that she had a bad dream and was scared, but was asleep now, and she would sleep here tonight. That satisfied them and they went back to bed.

Now that we were awake … and still coupled, I began to get another erection. It wasn’t a full one, but Tanya managed another mild orgasm, and I pumped a drop or two more into her and we both crashed.

We woke up earlier than the others, still coupled. I got it up one more time, and we both managed marginal orgasms. Yes, I put a smidgin more semen in her. When I went limp this time I pulled out of her. We showered together and got dressed before the others were up. We were both chafed and sore, inside and out. She was so tight she bruised my dick. I was sore for two days.

Well, that

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