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me an my sis

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: my sisters room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

ill never forget this night… my sister was 16 when i went in to her room and started looking through her stuff when i found a shoe box on the top shelf of her closet. when i opened it up i found wat looked to be a big rubber penis(at the time i didnt know wat it was but i found out later),some lub and some “DVDs” so i took one of the dvds out and put it in. the first sceen was a girl on girl and it was also my first porn. ( now ive gotten boners befor this you know rubed it aginst stuff but i never masterbated before) i couldnt help it i droped my shorts and udnerware and started plaling with my self. when i got to the next scene it started off as a guy masterbating so i tried wat he was doing. almost right away it started to feal so good after a minut or so my sis walked in……. her eyes wide open as she said “what are you doing.” to wich i said “i dont know but i cant stop”
(wich i couldnt it just fealt so good) sh replied “ok” then locked and shut the door.

my sister was a hot young brunet with perfict curvs a nice tight ass great legs and awesome tits.

at this point it was starting to hurt really bad but at the same time fealt sooooooo gooood i sked her how to make it stop and she said here let me help she grabbed the lub and spread it on my penis she then started to jerk me off oh it fealt soo good i laid back and she started going faster and faster i could feal the cum inching closer and closer until white cum shot out of my cock and all ofer her hand so she wiped some off with a towl then licked the rest off.

she got out of the bed whare she began to undress she said “now ive helped you its time to help me”
after she was undressed i asked her how and she said to sit next to her. so i did. she spread her legs when an eroma hit me that was so good i started to get another boner. i saw it was dripping wet as she was rubing it she then proceeded to tell me to suck her nipples (thoes beutieful rosey nipples) so i did. when she started to moan she took my hand and placed my hand on her pussey and told to rub so i did. she yeld “faster” “faster” and i went faster and faster allthe while never stopping from licking shr breast until finaly she let out a loud moan.
so she got up put her cloathes on kissed me on the cheek and told me to take as long as i need and left. i must have been in there for at least another hour and masterbated ten more times.

the next day she told me that we couldnt do that again no mater what…. and that no one should find out. i never talked to ang one about it neither did she……………..
until now

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