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me and my cousin

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: mexico
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

In the summer of 2005 I had made plans to go to mexico to visit some family there.At the last moment one of my cousins that had just moved back home after she got engaged decided she wanted to go with me so they talked it out and she and I ended up going alone.On the way there we caught up as I was always working and hadn’t had time to visit her since she came back.We talked about her soon to be husband,there sex life,wheather she wanted to have kids,and everthing else.Some where at the bottom of texas she said that she was super nervous cuz this guy was gonna be the last guy she would have sex with and he was traditional missionary type person.She said she wanted to try things like 3somes,a woman,and taking it in the ass.I was takin back by her open mind.I said She is from florida after all,to myself,there more foward minded there I guess.Anyways about an hour into mexico she fell asleep sitting up in the passenger seat and the roads there aren’t so great.With all of the movement she fell into the middle console with her hand forward trying to catch herself but instead caught a hand full of my cock.She held it for a second to watch my response and quickly pulled back.The next hour to our destenation was quite as you can imagine.Well we got there said hi to the family and said we were gonna go to bed call it a night as we were tired from the trip they informed us that since they only expected me there was only one small bed in the guest room we decided that niether of us was gonna take the the couch so off to bed we went I told her not to worry about the whole cock grbbing thing she said cinfidently that she wasn;t worried about it.I informed her that I slept in my boxers to see if that would make her sleep on the couch instead she said well she sleeps in only a tee shirt but since I was there she would wear some undies.As we fell asleep she said “your cock is really thick”.I about shit my pants and said jokingly wantsome.She promptly turned and said I’d thought you would never ask grabbing my package which started growing almost immediatly after she grabbed it.I thought to myself do you really wanna fuck your cousin and as I did she took her tee shirt off and I said to myself YES,YES YOU DO.Before this moment I had never looked at her sexually and began to notice her huge tits,bird cage stomach,and nice round ass.by this time she had already pulled the covers off of me and was taking me in her mouth with those big brown eyes looking straight at me.Her warm wet mouth moving up and down the the top of my cock she tryed to get whole thing in her mouth but it was to big about 7 1/2inches long andeven more impressive i can’t even get my hand around it.She pulled off of it to tell me that I was bigger than her soon to be hubby.I looked down at her grabbed her by the her long jet black hair and pulled her over the bed and positioned her doggy style.I pulled my head up to her tight dripping wet pussy and slammed in and out.She must be really sensitive cuz I felt her pussy quivering with orgasms around my cock.She quickly tried to pull away but I grabbed both her arms and kept sliding in and out to the point were she yelled a little bit.I stopped to see if anyone would come to investigate the noise,nothing when I stopped she said she couldn’t handle any more exstacy she said she would finish me off with her mouth but I said let me titty fuck you so I got up on chest and started moving between her tightly pressed very sweaty breasts as I did she caught my head with her mouth right as I was gonna tell her I was gonna cum she said “i’m ready for round 2” so I reached down grabbed one leg and brought it up to my shoulder so I would get nothing but hot wet cuntafter about ten minutes I felt her quivering again.I flipped her and never pulled out of her juicy pussy pulled out real fast trying to be sneaky and stared for her ass she reached up and grabbed my waist to try and stop me but I kept pushing and reached down over her legs and played with her clit to extend her orgasm when I did her arm gave way her chest fell to the bed and my dick slid in all at the same time.After a couple of seconds I felt her relax and I started to move quicker she said “It feels so good having your cock fill my ass” and a little while after that I told her I was gonna cum she pulled off of my cock and took it into her mouth as I cam.Not a drop escaped her mouth.After that we laid back in bed looking up she looked over at me and said “one down two to go” and giggled.I knew this vacation was gonna be good but had no Idea how good.Now here we are in 2010 and her now husband and his company travel to new orleans all the time and me and my girlfriend like to fuck her.I hope my girl and my cousin don’t end up together without me LOL cuz they love it.

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