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melayu gatal sgt.

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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Malaysia
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Im a chinese. im working in semiconductor. u no? in malaysia conductor so many operator r malay/indon girl. anyway i didn’t miss this chance. i hook up a malay girl name liza because i not try yet before. 1st time i invite her to watch movie,play bowling & shopping until nite. she look so sweet when she wear ‘tudung’ & wear dress ‘baju kurung’. those dressing is for islamic girl. u know islamic girl cannot easy do sex with someone so i know she a virgin. she juz 19 years old only. i kiss her in my car & squeez her breast. she breast so soft & big (32″c). her cunt no hair, so very smooth. i enter my finger in her cunt she look pain then i asked her “r u pain? so u wan me stop?” she said dun make in the car. i send her to my house in midnite. we go to bath 2gether then i can saw her nude body (oh my god! she body so nice) i start to touch her body & she look shy. i can’t take it when i look at her. aftef that i going to start lick her wet cunt & i found her g-spot had ‘sunat’ i didn’t saw it before. i ask her to shake me but she dunno. i taught her how to shake & suck my cock. we both so happy to do that. then i bring her to my room & i use my view cam to record wit we do (she didn’t know becoz is hidden cam.) i start to enter in her cunt,her cunt so wet. so easy to enter. she 1st time had gave me & we done 4 times on that nite. then morning she cannot stand up 4 walk becoz pain. then i look on my bed & found so many blood. im so happy becoz she’s a virgin. i asked her wan to do again? she wan but not now. i think ok wat,is mean i can do sex to her on next time. so every offday i’ll do sex with her. she dun like like me wear condom becoz she said not nice but she also dun wan eat any medicine too. u know wat i do? every time i also juz spray on her face only. im not do sex with her only. last year ‘hari raya’ i went to her house & she intro her younger sis for me (juz 16 years). i look her younger sis name mas also got nice body & face too. her body not nice than her sis but her face is nice than her sis. so i start to hook up her too. liza know i like her younger sis,she so angry,then i ask her u wan me to like any girl? she answer dun wan. so i ask her if u & yur younger sis also my girlfren is good or not? she didn’t answer me but i know she agree. when school holiday i bring liza & mas to ‘pulau langkawi’. i rent a apartment for us to do sex 2gether. i ask mas can i do sex with u tonite? she said can but dun let her sis know it. i juz answer her ok but im cheat her. when at nite we sleep 2gether on the same bed,i start to touch mas body. i took off her cloth & start to lick her cunt. her same like liza also dun have hair. suddenly liza woke up & walk off in the room. i ask mas we cannot let yur sis sleep at outside so can i do with u both 2gether? mas said up to u. then i rush off & talk to liza about it. we start do sex untill morning. i do with them 3 times, 2 time for mas & 1 times for liza. morning liza bath with me & she ask me me y u do sex with my younger sis much than me? i answer her becoz that is her 1 times so i wan do more for her to get more experience. this is my sex experience with 2 malay sister. until now i also have do sex with them & had record wat we done. u wan to watch? if u r my fren. my fren also have watch it. now liza is 23 years still working in same company with me & mas 20 years is a college girl. i found paradise with them………malay girl so nice…..mmmmmmm

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