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Melly and me

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her mom's room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my friend mellyÆs mom was out of town so I stayed with her..we got drunk and started tickling each other then she touched my tit and I loved it I kinda moaned when she did it even though it wasnÆt on purpose, she said ôoh you like that?” I was like yes it feels good she did it again on purpose i moaned some more she kept doing it then she grabbed my hand and told me to do it to her I did she has nice big tits she moved her face closer to mine and kissed my lips it was so electrifying to have another girls lips on mine she started like squeezing my tit more and more I
kept moaning as she did it and she kept doing it harder the more I moaned finally, she said “I want you” I told her she could have me she reached down and she pulled my shirt up and took hers off then she started sucking on my nipples we were in our PJs which were like flannel pants and t shirts I was getting so wet and I was moaning a lot cause one thing I love is getting my titties sucked on she stopped and told me it was my turn we were still like sitting up and this point and I just leaned over and stuck my tongue on her nipple she started saying oh yeah baby I told her in between sucking her titties that it was making me really wet so after me sucking her nipples a little she told me that she wanted to see how wet I was so she stuck her hand down my pants and panties and rubbed her finger through my slit I was like oh my god I want you to fuck me with your finger so we did a little switcheroo and I took my pants off…she slide her hand
under my panties and she started pushing her finger in and out of my pussy and she was sucking my titties again I was in heaven then she kissed and licked down my belly and slide my panties off then she started licking my pussy it was so awesome to look down and see a girls face there instead of a guys she was tongue fucking me and I was rubbin my clit I told her I wanted her pussy too but she said no cause she wasnÆt done with me I wanted her cunt so bad but she wouldnÆt let me she made me cum so hard all she did was let her tongue flick on my clit so fast and sometimes she went and put her tongue into my pussy and moved it around it felt so good I came so much and I came all over her face she loved it though then I told her it was my turn so I made her lay down on the floor and I sat between her legs and I just looked at her pussy and I
was like god it looks so good. I licked her pussy lips all the way up from the bottom to her clit when I touched her clit with my tongue she moved her hips into my face..i loved it..i licked her clit just like she had done to mine and it tasted to good. she came all over my face and then we started kissing each other and tasting it on each others lips. it was soooo good. I loved it

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